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• 7/7/2018

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• 8/21/2017

Turok: Evolution Beta Discoveries

Turok Evolution Beta July 28th 2002, 17 49 19 - Art Gallery
Hello! Here's some NEVER before seen pictures that got cut from the art gallery in Turok: Evolution.
I am very sorry for the low quality camera footage. I am going to get a capture card very soon, that way i can record this in high quality, aswell as the rest of the Beta. Enjoy!
A: As of now, nowhere. Once i get a capture card and record the Beta in high quality, i will release both builds on the Turok Forums. www.turokforums.com
Q: How did you get these?
A: I got the Betas in a deal i made with a local collector and friend, Nico, more commonly known as CodeAsm. Check his work out!
Q: Please rip these pictures out and upload them!
A: My buddies and i are working on it. Extracting the .tre archives is not a problem anymore, but identifying every individual file to find what you're after is a pain. Any help would be appreciated.
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• 8/7/2017

Turok: The Adventurer (Satire) (by the Turok Forums community)

Long backstory short, a guy named turokJoe on the Turok Forums wanted to make a Turok story and i fucked it up to mess with him. Eventually, everyone joined in and he got pissed and left. It was fun. Anyways, here goes:

Turok Joe: This will be an ongoing story just make a post and In time we would have a Turok adventure. Try to stick to beginning middle and an end. We will start with issue one. 
We can call this Turok the adventurer since all other names are copy righted.
Chapter 1:
Turok Joe: Early morning in the Lost Land Turok woke before Andar. Leaining over placing his hand over the fire he checked the viability of the fire of last night passed. " no heat" he murmured.  he turned his head to the right and looked at his sleeping friend. Turok pulls the blankets up and decides to let him sleep. Turok silently stands up has a big stretch wile he looks the the sky and thanks the great spirit  for a good safe night sleep. 
Grabbing his bow and an arrow decides to surprise Andar with some fresh break fast. Turok slips into the forest.  Arrow and bow in position for a quick shot.
Andar wakes atlast. 
The day before was a very long day. Turok and Andar had stumbled into the territory of some Hissing honkers and barely made it out. They ran for a good long time before losing them. They both went to bed hungry so this morning Andar was famished. "Turoks gone" he said to himself he must be getting breakfast. Andar decided to go look for some wood as the fire seamed to be out. Andar jumped out of bed grabbed his ax and headed into the bush to find some wood. 
As he stepped from camp into the bush he instantly fell on his face.(sneezing) Turning over looking at his feet he cursed his moccasin lace. Apologising to the great spirit he picked him self up and dusted him self off. Weird he said to him self what is all this silver dust. Looking around realised he had fallen right in the middle of a weird flower patch. Being very small he picked one of the flowers and brought it closer to his eyes so he could see them more closely. They were covered by some silver dust or pollen they were absolutely amazing. Little cone trumpet things. Pink and blue in color. Just then he hurd a scurrying sound coming from behind him. Turning quickly he spotted a herd of micro honkers. Tossing his ax he missed. Dam Ill have to leave breakfast to Turok. His ax had sunk deep into a chunk of perfect fire wood so he hauled both back to camp. Haaaachoooo. He sneezed so big his eyes almost popped out of his head. He sat down.
Meanwhile Turok is silently stalking for food in the rich jungles. He stumbles upon a cave he has never seen. Turok thinks to himself "how have I never noticed this cave". He draws his tomahawk axe and heads inside while staying aware of every sound.
Shortly after, Turok realised that the Big Kahuna burger he ordered was too much for him to handle and he blew ass all over the place. The entire cave was painted in chunky liquid nutella coloured shit and the smell soon attracted the attention of nearby critters. "Oh god, never again" said Turok before blowing another projectile diahrea load which than proceeded to hit and kill a pteranodon. As the pteranodon fell down, Turok screamed for help. About 5 hours later, Andar found Turok in the cave, covered in shit, blood, sweat and tears, thin as a feather, stiff as a board. "Help me..." He said. "End my suffering..." Andar said NOPE, turned back and walked away. Turok was never seen again.
Some say the shit formed into the tramp known as Joshua Fireseed, others say it stains the cave to this day. I personally dont give a single fuck so excuse me, its time for my Peanut M&M's. Good night children!
TurokJoe: Wow this went well I give a great start to something fun and you shit all over it literally. Good work.
Rok: The story was pretty funny xD The legends of stained cave lol. but yeah uncalled for. i'm sure Duke will remove it. So just get a little laugh out of it for now :p
Dinomite and co:
Fine... Turok can stay alive.
Turok returns, exhausted and ashamed to the camp. He tries to sneak to their Tipi in order to change his clothes. As he puts on his new pants, Andar comes in to ask if Turok brought anything to eat. "Yeah a bit of Pteranodon meat. Hey, it's better than nothing and im starving." He said with a fake smile. "PHEEEEEEEEEEEYEEEEEEEW, Did a Leaper die in here?!" Andar replies. "Hmm i dont know. Maybe the meat has gone spoiled." Turok says while holding the dirty shit clothes behind his back. "This quickly? Nah. Tell you what, how about you gO-HAAAAAACHOO find something for us to drink while i figure out where this awful stench is coming from." said Andar. Without a hesitation, Turok runs out of the Tipi like a bat out of hell to find a lake. "Phew that was close" he said. *Snap!* *Crackle!* *Pop!* He heard some sounds in the bushes. He grabs his knife and waits for he/she/it to come out.
To Turoks surprise, the horror jumped out of the bushes. It was... Samuel L. Jackson! Turok just stood there and stared.
"Yo ass is mine, mothafucka!" Samuel shouts. Turok quickly runs away back to safety, knowing he doesnt stand a chance against the Samuel Experience™.
Later on he returns to camp, only to be horrified by Samuels presence. "How did you get here so quickly?" Turok asks. "What you gonna do, mothafucka?! What you gonna DO?!" Samuel says as he throws an F bomb at Turok. Luckily for him, he avoids the bomb and takes cover. Andar comes back to the camp and sees Samuel standing there, half naked, ready for action. So Andar says "SIR! SIR! SIR! I am really importantly busy! Can you tell me where the shit is?" Samuel says "Its in mah ass, mothafucka!" Andar replies "Well open your ass and give me it than!" Samuel: 'What you want my shit fo, mothafucka! Why you want my shit?" Andar said "I want the shit of everyone, so i can put it in my collection!"
Samuel starts walking towards Andar. Andar thinks to himself "This guy comes up to me... Theres ALWAYS that guy coming up to me! WHY DO GUYS ALWAYS GOTTA COME UP TO ME?! I'll go up to HIM!" And he says "YOU AINT COMING UP TO ME, MOTHERFUCKER! IM COMIN UP TO YOU!" Samuel says "Oh yeah? We'll see about that! How about a race?!"
Andar says "I dont race, mothafucka! Unless its a race in time!" Samuel thinks hes a bad motherfucker. "Ok than, i'll race you to the next second!" 
Andar shakes his head in dissapointment. "How about we make it interesting? How about i race you to 10 minutes from now?" Hmm... Samuel considers. "Sounds like you got alot of balls, buster!" Andar says "I got alot of balls? I got fucking HUNDREDS OF THEM! But i aint got shit, and thats what i want." Samuel started becoming nervous... "Well you aint having my shit, mothafucka!" Andar smirked. "Oh yeah? We'll see! We'll see! In 10 minutes time, when i beat you in the race, OH YEAH! Im getting your SHIT!"
So time passes by and Andar does indeed win the race. Hooray! "I dont need to take a dump yet." Samuel mumbles. Andar gets annoyed. "OOOOOH OH So the old "I dont need to take a dump" excuse! Thats an old excuse, that is! But i'll give you it, its one of my favourites!"

We have never heard from turokJoe again.
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• 8/7/2017

Turok: Evolution item page

It has come to my attention that there is no Turok: Evolution item page on this forum. 
I'd like to help you guys create one similar to the Turok 2008 item page. I can provide many pictures as i have alot of the items in my collection. Operative and i have spoken about this but nothing ever really happened.
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• 6/16/2017

A Short Turok Story

Hello. I am an old user here who left about a year or 2 ago. I am not coming back to still and help on the wiki. I was look at my old work on here 2 days ago and come across my first chapter on my fan made turok story. I noticed a lot of errors on it. I'm not sure why but I wanted to fix them and rewrite some thing a bit.  I think I meanly did this to see how my reading and write skills have improve. I am only here to show one small part of the fan made turok story I fixed and if you guys like want I have, I can continued working on this story. Now I know I stopped working on 2 of my fan ade story, but here is the thing , I'm only going to work on it if you guys want more and I'll be taking my time so it my take me a weeks, mouths, or even a year to upload to new chapter. I kind of don't want to give up on things that I started now. the part of the story that I will upload is the backstory of one of the Turoks named Calloway. Calloway is kind of not a fan made character. He was in the Akklaim Turok time line, but never been in the games or the comics. I hope you like want you going to read
P.S. I'm going to be selling my Turok comics if anyone is interested
Turok Story
Narrator: Calloway, The Demon child, is a Turok who's not known as a hero among the lives in the Lost Land and Earth, but a warrior who fights and kills for his beliefs and his beliefs only. Calloway was raised by his father, Tal'set, the Turok before him, who taught Calloway the ways of the warrior. Tal'set also told stories to Calloway and his younger brother Aram about his role as Turok and the Lost land. Both Calloway and Aram didn't really see their father a lot due to his role of being Turok at the time. Aram mostly spends more time with his mother. As for Calloway, he would train day and night to improve his skills and become a better warrior then his father. He sees his Mother's and brother's kindness and good heart as a weakness. Calloway barely even spoke to them. One day, a group of bandits attacked Calloway's village. Tal'set was at the lost land at the time. The bandits killed villagers and stole valuables. They didn't spared any lives except for one. That one life was Calloway's mother. Calloway and Aram manage to survive thanks to their mother hiding them. However, Calloway ends up following the bandits to their hideout only bringing an axe. When arriving at the hideout, Calloway overheard one of the bandits mention something about Turok. He follows that person into a room were he saw his mother chain up against the wall. She looked up and saw her son. 
Calloway's  Mother: C-Calloway!?
Narrator: The bandit turned around and saw Calloway walking torwards with an axe. The bandit quickly pulled out a knife and held it next to Calloway's mother's neck.
Bandit: D-Don't take a-a-another step kid or Sh-she gets it!
Narrator: Calloway doesn't stop. He kept walking towards him
Bandit: I'm not F*****g around h-here kid
Calloway's  Mother:  Run Calloway! Don't worry about me.
Narrator: Calloway stops and looks at the man
Calloway: Tell me, are you shaking because your scared of me? Or are you scared of killing some one for the first time? 
Narrator: the bandit didn't say a thing, and was shaking even more. With no time to waste, Calloway threw the axe at the man's head. It hit and killed the him. That was Calloway first time killing a human at the age of 10. He then proceeds to grab the keys for the chain from the dead body to free his mother. She kneels down and put her hands on Calloway's shoulders.
Calloway's  Mother: I told you to run! You could of got in hurt! When your father gets back-
Narrator: all of a sudden. She covers Calloway's back with her body. At the same time, a gun fired. Calloway's mother fell down to the floor. She was dead
Bandit 2: You damn moron! You killed the woman! She was supposed to be bait for that Turok guy!
Bandit 3: Sorry sir, but she got in front of that kid.
Bandit 2: Kid?  what Ki-
Narrator: the Bandit noticed the kid standing there looking at him.
Bandit 2:  Hey come to think of it, that mite be Turok's kid. forget the woman. We'll just use the kid as bait
Narrator: Calloway just looked back at him while picking up his axe and the gun from the bandit he just killed. With out hesitating, He ran toward the two bandits at full speeds with the intention to kill. 20 minutes has past. A portal appeared a few feet away from the hideout. Out came Tal'set from it. He quickly ran to the hideout only to see dead bodies everywhere. He noticed Calloway just standing there covered in blood from head to toe. Callowat then looked at his father. 
Tal'set: Your mother, where is she?
Narrator: Calloway didn't say a word and walked away. Tal'set search around the hideout.  He found his wife dead in a room with 3 other dead bodies. Tal'set broke down into tears.
Tal'set: I was too late! Why? Why did this had to happen?
Narrator: Tal'set and Calloway returned to their  village with her body. Tal'set and Aram buried her next to a lake she loved going to. Calloway on the other hand didn't help. He felt that was also a sign of weakness as well. He didn't even seem upset at all over his mothers death.  Her death mean nothing  to him. Later at night. Tal'set came up to Calloway who was sitting next to the fire.
Tal'set: Calloway. I know your not the soft or kind type like your brother, but there will be a time were you have to let it all out.
Narrator: Calloway didn't say anything.
Tal'set: Do you know why your mother loves it here? Its because you were born here. She loved you with all her heart. She would try anything to make you happy, but it won't work.
Narrator: Calloway still didn't say anything.
Tal'set: For once in your life, were you ever happy around her or your brother? Or were you more happy in killing those bandits?
Calloway: You would of kill them too
Tal'set: I would be lying if I said no, but I would of done it for revenge and out of anger. You on the other hand, you didn't do it for revenge or out of anger; you did it because for you, it feels good to fight.
Calloway: And that bothers you because that's not the way you do it?
Tal'set: Because I'm afraid what path your going to take.
Calloway: The path I'll choose will be right one for me if you like it or not
Narrator: Calloway gets up and walked away
Tal'set: promise me this; whatever path you choose, please watch over your brother.
Narrator: Calloway didn't say a word and kept walking. 4 years later, Tal'set became very sick and died from that sickness. Before he died, He gave the light Burden to Calloway making him the new Turok. Few days later, a mysterious creature named Elex came out of a portal. He told Calloway that he is with the Council of Voices and he is here to take him to the Lost Land. Calloway went with Elex and left his brother behind. Calloway lived in the lost land for 5 years hunting, killing, and taking orders from the Council of Voices. He doesn't like taking orders, but he does it just to keep his role as Turok. Along the way, Calloway would meet a Scientist named William, which they would work together to make tek gear, but they don't think of each other as friends. Calloway would followed his role as Turok in his own way until the day he learn the truth about the Council of Voices
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• 3/2/2017

Turok 2 Remastered

So the trailer for Turok 2 was released the other day by Night Dive Studeos, and the release date has been announced.
Turok 2 will come out on March 16th of this year, and it'll include a revamped multiplayer to boot. I'm pretty excited, and from what i've seen of the multiplayer screenshot, it seems they're bringing in the weapons from the N64 multiplayer into it.
Due to the changes made in this version, how shall we tackle this one?
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• 12/17/2015

Turok EX Is Coming!

Greetings, all!
As you may or may not be aware, Night Dive Studios' remaster of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter releases tomorrow (December 17)! In the interest of cutting down on content redundancies and confusion, I wanted to take the time to suggest some things going forward in regards to any edits that might revolve around the new release.

Different though it might be from the original, it does not need a separate page. A section on the original game's page explaining the background and any differences will suffice. For the record, a page on the remaster was already made and subsequently deleted back when Night Dive first made their official announcement.
Any screenshots from the remaster should be labeled as being from the remaster in the file's summary/description. If any screenshots are placed in a gallery that already features original Dinosaur Hunter screens, then the caption should also note that it comes from the remaster.
If an image gallery already has sufficient images from the original game, then it is not necessary to populate it with an excessive number of screenshots from the remaster. A small handful of screenshots placed under a "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter HD Remaster" heading (or something similar) is fine if they add something new or interesting to the gallery.
And speaking of images, I would suggest not placing remaster screenshots in a specific category for now. They'll be fine in category limbo with the rest of the currently-uncategorized images.
That's all for now. If there are any questions about either these points or something different that I didn't think of, feel free to ask! And if you do decide to give Night Dive your money, enjoy the game!
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• 10/2/2015

Let's Name a Bot!

Greetings, all! I think that it's about time for our wiki to have its very own bot. It certainly couldn't hurt, at least! And that's why I'm starting this discussion. It needs a name!
I've been trying to think of a decent pun that we could fit the word "Bot" into. But I feel that this sort of thing is better to outsource. Come up with your best Turok-related names that include the word "Bot," and whichever is collectively liked the most will be chosen as the bot's name.
My contribution is "Tek Bot". Post yours!
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• 9/8/2015

Any one know how to get Evolution working on Win 8.1?

When I start the game a white screen appears and thats it. I tried compatibility mode too.
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• 7/13/2015

So A Turok Magazine...

Popped my head into Amazon awhile back, looking at Turok. Found a pretty neat magainze on Seeds of Evil. It seems to be an alternate ending to the game. To be honest, it's a little disapointing but it was Turok and 2 dollars so I jumped at the deal and got it!

I was wondering if a picture file could be made on the site for those interested to view.
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• 5/10/2015

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Re-Release Hinted At

Hello, Turok community! Today; I've come here to make a very interesting announcement. In light of recent interviews; it's been revealed that "Night Dive Studios", a studio based around bringing back older games, to current generations, has actually picked up the rights to re-release Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on current generation consoles, which will in turn, be starting development later this year under the name Turok Ex.
Gamerant Interview (Source)
As quoted below; the project was originally being produced, but after some delays; the official rights have actually been acquired, and development will continue.

"I was originally working on remaking N64 Turok (called Turok EX) but it got put off to the side. Since now Night Dive Studios has picked up the rights to re-release it, Turok EX will resume development later this year."
—Samuel ‘Kaiser’ Villarreal
Night Dive Studios is a company centered around obtaining rights to classic games that are no longer available, updating them for compatibility with modern platforms, and re-releasing them.
As of this time; it's unknown as to whether or not this title will be a strict re-release, made to work with current generation systems/PC's only, or if it will feature graphical changes, akin to 343 Industries' Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.
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• 3/21/2015

/r/Turok on Reddit

I started moderating a Turok: Dinosaur Hunter/Sun of Stone subreddit, and managed to start making it look good. Link here: www.reddit.com/r/turok. We post stuff on there for the comics, video games, books, fanart, toys, discussions, cosplay, etc.  Have a good day.
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• 9/26/2014

acclaim´s turok page

hi everybody in a page that you can see urls like were time ago, i found how was turok.com at 1997 unitl 2004
you can see things that there ain't today
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• 9/24/2014

User Interface Update

Just a small note to editors and viewers, there will be an upcoming update to the Wiki UI (User Interface). It's currently live on Community Central, and can be seen there, to know what you'll get a taste of.
Community Central
Preda Ohai Dere~
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• 9/14/2014

Wiki en español

Hi, i am editing the wiki turok in spanish, it was a complete wiki nowadays is a disaster.
I wanna know who can help, i want to see the wiki in spanish, but i can't edit alone
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• 8/20/2014

add cut creatures category

i saw many images of creatures  that are enough to make a category or a page
what do you think
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• 5/30/2014

Wikia page

This wikia needs a new layout color and a new background
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• 3/21/2014

The Forum

From now on, instead of posting to message walls over and over, which is deemed unprofessional in some Wiki's, please move all topics here, where they can be both seen and highlighted if they are of sheer importance. 
Please note fellow Administrators, only you can highlight things of importance, so there's no need to worry about others highlighting random topics..
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