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• 8/21/2017

Turok: Evolution Beta Discoveries

Turok Evolution Beta July 28th 2002, 17 49 19 - Art Gallery
Hello! Here's some NEVER before seen pictures that got cut from the art gallery in Turok: Evolution.
I am very sorry for the low quality camera footage. I am going to get a capture card very soon, that way i can record this in high quality, aswell as the rest of the Beta. Enjoy!
A: As of now, nowhere. Once i get a capture card and record the Beta in high quality, i will release both builds on the Turok Forums. www.turokforums.com
Q: How did you get these?
A: I got the Betas in a deal i made with a local collector and friend, Nico, more commonly known as CodeAsm. Check his work out!
Q: Please rip these pictures out and upload them!
A: My buddies and i are working on it. Extracting the .tre archives is not a problem anymore, but identifying every individual file to find what you're after is a pain. Any help would be appreciated.
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• 3/2/2017

Turok 2 Remastered

So the trailer for Turok 2 was released the other day by Night Dive Studeos, and the release date has been announced.
Turok 2 will come out on March 16th of this year, and it'll include a revamped multiplayer to boot. I'm pretty excited, and from what i've seen of the multiplayer screenshot, it seems they're bringing in the weapons from the N64 multiplayer into it.
Due to the changes made in this version, how shall we tackle this one?
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• 12/17/2015

Turok EX Is Coming!

Greetings, all!
As you may or may not be aware, Night Dive Studios' remaster of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter releases tomorrow (December 17)! In the interest of cutting down on content redundancies and confusion, I wanted to take the time to suggest some things going forward in regards to any edits that might revolve around the new release.

Different though it might be from the original, it does not need a separate page. A section on the original game's page explaining the background and any differences will suffice. For the record, a page on the remaster was already made and subsequently deleted back when Night Dive first made their official announcement.
Any screenshots from the remaster should be labeled as being from the remaster in the file's summary/description. If any screenshots are placed in a gallery that already features original Dinosaur Hunter screens, then the caption should also note that it comes from the remaster.
If an image gallery already has sufficient images from the original game, then it is not necessary to populate it with an excessive number of screenshots from the remaster. A small handful of screenshots placed under a "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter HD Remaster" heading (or something similar) is fine if they add something new or interesting to the gallery.
And speaking of images, I would suggest not placing remaster screenshots in a specific category for now. They'll be fine in category limbo with the rest of the currently-uncategorized images.
That's all for now. If there are any questions about either these points or something different that I didn't think of, feel free to ask! And if you do decide to give Night Dive your money, enjoy the game!
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• 5/10/2015

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Re-Release Hinted At

Hello, Turok community! Today; I've come here to make a very interesting announcement. In light of recent interviews; it's been revealed that "Night Dive Studios", a studio based around bringing back older games, to current generations, has actually picked up the rights to re-release Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on current generation consoles, which will in turn, be starting development later this year under the name Turok Ex.
Gamerant Interview (Source)
As quoted below; the project was originally being produced, but after some delays; the official rights have actually been acquired, and development will continue.

"I was originally working on remaking N64 Turok (called Turok EX) but it got put off to the side. Since now Night Dive Studios has picked up the rights to re-release it, Turok EX will resume development later this year."
—Samuel ‘Kaiser’ Villarreal
Night Dive Studios is a company centered around obtaining rights to classic games that are no longer available, updating them for compatibility with modern platforms, and re-releasing them.
As of this time; it's unknown as to whether or not this title will be a strict re-release, made to work with current generation systems/PC's only, or if it will feature graphical changes, akin to 343 Industries' Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.
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• 9/24/2014

User Interface Update

Just a small note to editors and viewers, there will be an upcoming update to the Wiki UI (User Interface). It's currently live on Community Central, and can be seen there, to know what you'll get a taste of.
Community Central
Preda Ohai Dere~
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• 3/21/2014

The Forum

From now on, instead of posting to message walls over and over, which is deemed unprofessional in some Wiki's, please move all topics here, where they can be both seen and highlighted if they are of sheer importance. 
Please note fellow Administrators, only you can highlight things of importance, so there's no need to worry about others highlighting random topics..
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