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"Pick up discarded alien weapons and start spewing anti-matter charges. The initial impact does minimal damage, but the ensuing explosion will rock their world! Use energy cells to recharge this one."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

The Alien Weapon is a weapon that appears in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. It is a weapon that is used by the Alien Infantry, which are encountered later in the game.


The Alien Weapon is a large, alien weapon that uses plasma as its ammunition. It has green beams of light pulsing through it constantly and has a light grey-blue color scheme.

Most Alien Infantry tend to be armed with two of these weapons and can fire them quicker than the player.


The Alien Weapon fires a green beam of plasma that hits the target and explodes shortly after, sending the enemy flying. It can fire consecutive shots quickly, creating a chain reaction that is useful for taking out multiple enemies at once.

The weapon should be used against large groups of enemies, as it can keep them from getting too close if the player is outnumbered. The explosion can take out multiple enemies at once while consecutive shots will take care of any survivors.

Larger enemies are harder to take out and require more shots for it to be effective. As such, it should be reserved for groups of human enemies and Cyborgs. The player must be cautious when firing consecutive shots, as it takes five plasma cells per shot.

On a final note, it shares its ammo pool with both the Pulse Rifle and Particle Accelerator.


  • Its spiritual successor is the Plasma Rifle as both use up five energy rounds, leave a plasma trail after fired, and detonate on impact.

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