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"A shotgun with no reload time offers plenty of high speed carnage. This one can use explosive shells, too."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

The Auto Shotgun is a weapon that appears in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. It is a fully automatic shotgun that fires faster than the typical Shotgun.


The Auto Shotgun is a black-grey colored shotgun. What makes it different from the other Shotgun is that this weapon has a revolver-style feed mechanism. As it name indicates, it is fully automatic and does not need to be pumped.


Unlike the regular shotgun, the Auto Shotgun has a much faster rate of fire, which comes in handy when dealing with multiple enemies. Using in conjunction with explosive shells, a player can clear an area much faster than with any other weapon (save for the Fusion Cannon and Chronoscepter).

This weapon can however, run out of ammo faster, and can only hold up to 30 rounds total (counting both explosive and normal shells). With a Backpack pickup, however, its ammo capacity will be doubled and prove to be of great use.

This weapon is effective against Raptors, Per-Lin, Ancient Warriors, and even High Priests, so it is recommended to use this weapon when in contact with the aforementioned creatures.

Ammo Pickups

  • Weapon (Auto-Shotgun): Restocks 15 BCKSHT shells
  • EXP Shells: Restocks 4 EXP shells
  • EXP Box: Restocks 10 EXP shells.
  • BCKSHT Shells: Restocks 5 shells.
  • BCKSHT Box: Restocks 20 shells.


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Notes and references

  1. Dickson, Bill (March 4, 1997). "Weapons & Ammunition". Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual. United States: Acclaim Entertainment. p. 13.
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