Barry Hackowitcz, referred to as "The Dud" by his peers, is a character featured in the Acclaim's Turok comic series and has been Joshua Fireseed's best friend since their freshman year of college.


Barry made his first appearance in Turok: The Empty Souls. Joshua's younger sister, Allison, described him as a young, "nerdy," know-it-all braniac. He is, otherwise, kind and forgiving to anyone who gets on his good side.

Usually seen with Joshua on campus, the two friends are referred to as "The Stud and the Dud" due to being polar opposites: one is popular and athletic, the other unpopular and scrawny.

He makes constant appearances on most Acclaim Turok comics, usually getting into the trouble caused by Joshua's duties as Turok, not to mention some of Joshua's escapades with girls around their campus.

Barry is also one of the main characters in the Turok novels.

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