In the Valiant Comics universe, a woman named Erica Pierce was exposed to the same energies that turned Phil Seleski into Solar and became a psychotic, super-powered being known as Mothergod, gaining the same energy and matter manipulation powers. When she made the Lost Land her base of operations, she outfitted some of the Lost Land's dinosaurs with intelligence-boosting implants, turning them into Bionosaurs, giving them more intelligence and making them more vicious and deadly. In the aftermath of the final battle between Mothergod and the Valiant Universe heroes, the Lost Lands began to disappear. Turok and Andar were tossed back to Earth, but the two were separated and were each deposited in different time periods. Unfortunately for Turok, a group of Bionosaurs also made it to Earth.

Mon-Ark (Mothergod`s greatest creation) and his pack of enhanced Raptors (like some of the other Bionosaurs) have the ability to speak because of their bionic implants. In the first Turok game there are two types of Bionosaur raptors: those that have the brain device on their heads and those that have robotic legs and large cannons for arms. Thunder, the Campaigner's T. rex, is also a Bionosaur.