Turok Son of Stone Brachiosaurus



Lost Valley/Lost Land



Average height:

9 meters (30 feet)
20 meters (65.5 feet) in length

Average weight:

~45 tons


Massive size, long neck, and tail and herbivorous nature.

Other names:

"Arm lizard"


Brachiosaurus is a large, herbivorous sauropod dinosaur. In Turok: Evolution it is seen numerous times in various chapters, most often from a distance. In Turok it is only seen in various landscape backgrounds roaming around the land.


Brachiosaurus has a long neck, a small skull, a long muscular tail, and four columnar limbs. As with other brachiosaurids, it has an arch of bone over the nasal openings in front of its eyes. It has longer front limbs than hind limbs, hence the name "Arm Lizard." The longer front limbs cause the back to slope, making Brachiosaurus resemble the modern giraffe. It can grow to be over 65 feet in length, nearly 45 tonnes, and over 30 feet tall.

In Turok: Evolution, these dinosaurs are brown and feature large necks that stretch at least 20–30 feet in the air. They are rare in ground missions and are seen sparingly, and in aerial missions, they are more common. They are used as artillery in Chapter 14.

In 2008's Turok, they are not seen up close like in earlier incarnations. They are seen very far off in the distance roaming the jungles. They are grey in coloration and resemble Diplodocus more than Brachiosaurus.


Turok: EvolutionEdit

These dinosaurs are encountered in the vast jungles of the Lost Land. They are completely herbivorous and will not attack under any circumstances. In Turok: Evolution, they are encountered in Chapters 1, 2, 3 (deceased in 3) and Chapters 7 and 14.

In the early flying-based chapters they are unarmed and docile while the later chapters feature them armed with rocket pods and armor systems. They are, however, very weak to the rockets and machine guns featured on the Quetzalcoatlus.


In Turok, however, they are background imagery, and they do not make an actual gameplay appearance besides the sounds they create and their heads appearing above the jungle canopy. Turok features them as grey animals compared to Turok: Evolution's brown color.


  • A Brachiosaurus was originally meant to appear in the level "The Treetop Village" of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, as seen in certain advertisement screenshots. An interview with David Dienstbier in GameFan's Dinosaur Hunter strategy guide revealed that if Iguana Entertainment had had only 50KB of extra cartridge space, the Brachiosaurus would have made it into the final game.[1]

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