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Carl Fireseed, known as The Secondary, is the uncle of Joshua Fireseed. Carl was called upon by Tal'Set into his dream-state along with various other members of his family with the title of Turok to decide on the fate of the Chronoscepter.


After John Fireseed, Joshua's father, deserted his position as Turok, Carl took his place as protector of Earth and Galyanna. For eleven years, he managed to keep both worlds in balance until his death at the hands of Fireborn Dinosoids under the telepathic control of the Primagen.

In Turok: The Empty Souls, Carl is first seen fighting a group of Endtrails lead by Karyakhas where the dinosoid states that he is dying from the inside out. Carl then teleports out using the Folding Eye. He is later seen in the Fireseed home on his deathbed, talking to Joshua about the legends of Turok and what happened to his father. He lights up a peace pipe to begin Joshua's journey. He also gives Joshua the Light Burden and tells him to "find the truth.... inside" before passing away.

He is later seen in Turok: Spring Break in the Lost Land, where he is captured by the Campaigner's minions to be forced to fight Joshua's friends. He and the group are later rescued by Joshua and Yanik Fireseed. Carl is surprised by how Joshua is handling his job as Turok. At the end of the comic, he and Yanik magically lift Joshua's car out of the swamp. Before taking off, they wish him the best of luck (and tell Joshua's sister, Alison, to stop piercing her body).

His last appearance is in Turok: Tales of the Lost Land when Joshua calls a meeting of Turoks to learn about times during their lives that they had to perform difficult duties.

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