Carter was a soldier in Whiskey Company, making his first appearance in Turok. He was worrisome and morbid, both of which generally annoyed Slade. He also spoke out loud a lot, expressing his worries.

It is unknown how he got the deep scar over his eye because he was seen with it before the crash happened, likely from a previous combat operation. It seems to restrict his left eye from opening all the way.



At some point in Carter's life, he would join the military and be transferred to Whiskey Company. He, along with the rest of Whiskey Co., were sent to a terraformed planet to arrest Roland Kane. Unfortunately, their ship was shot down.

Carter would be in the forward half of the ship with a majority of Whiskey Co. survivors. After landing, they would form a base at the crash site and fight off waves of MG Soldiers.


After a battle at the crash site, Logan ordered Slade and Joseph Turok to go on a mission to investigate some strange lights in the distance. Carter spoke out about the order, but was promptly ordered to join them.

The trio ventured forth on the mission and discovered a strange base where they learned about MG Scientists experimenting with Soldier Bugs. Carter accessed a terminal and found out the location of a shuttle that Whiskey Company could use to escape the planet. Following a disturbance from the base's closed door, one of the bugs burst forth from the floor, impaling and dragging Carter down under the earth-like planet's surface.

His body was never located by Turok.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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