"The Chronoscepter is capable of creating micro-tears in the fabric of space-time, thus disrupting matter at a focus point. No one is certain what will happen if the Campaigner gets his hands on it and amplifies its power exponentially."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

The Chronoscepter is a weapon that appears in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

It is the most powerful weapon in the game. In the story for Dinosaur Hunter, the Campaigner wishes to seek out this ancient artifact and use it to rule the Lost Land and its inhabitants.


The Chronoscepter resembles a tall staff, which appears to be made of iron/onyx. It has a blue crystal at its tip. This crystal generates its power and is what releases the deadly explosion.


The Chronoscepter is the most powerful weapon in the game, designed to be strong enough to take down an enemy like the Campaigner. The weapon must be charged first; this only takes a couple of seconds but can be dangerous if the Campaigner is too close to the player. This is due to the large blast radius of each shot.

Once released, the Chronoscepter fires a blue beam that causes a devastating explosion the same size as that of the Fusion Cannon. This can kill all enemies within the blast radius and takes down a good portion of the Campaigner's health. Players must be cautious when firing the weapon; if the player is too close to the blast, it will result in an instant death. The Chronoscepter can only be used three times. Once its energy is depleted, it cannot be used again as ammo is not available for this weapon.

Before this weapon can be used, the player has to find all eight parts of it. One piece is hidden in every level, and the player can keep track of what pieces they have collected via the "Key" option on the Pause Menu. As such, the Chronoscepter is only available for use in the final battle with the Campaigner unless the player uses cheat codes. If the player does this, the Chronosecepter will essentially function as a slower firing, but more powerful, version of the Fusion Cannon.


  • The 1st piece.
  • The 2nd piece.
  • The 3rd piece.
  • The 4th piece.
  • The 5th piece.
  • The 6th piece.
  • The 7th piece.
  • The last piece.
  • The sign that appears when a piece is picked up.

The Chronoscepter is an ancient, destructive weapon that was created thousands of years before the events of Turok: Evolution and Dinosaur Hunter. Realizing the dangers of its power, the Lazarus Concordance shattered the Chronoscepter into eight pieces and scattered them all across the Lost Land in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Now, the evil overlord known as the Campaigner launches an attack on the Lost Land. His main objective is to seek out all eight pieces of the Chronoscepter and assemble it, then use a massive focusing array to amplify the Chronoscepter's destructive powers to shred the fabric of space and time and rule the universe.

It is up to Tal'Set to defeat the Campaigner and save The Lost Land. Tal'Set vows to locate all eight pieces and assemble the Chronoscepter, using it to put an end to the Campaigner's evil plot.

Campaigner's DefeatEdit

Tal'Set is able to locate every piece and assembles the Chronoscepter. He then uses it in the battle with the Campaigner, during which the Campaigner is defeated and dies from the explosion. Tal'Set is able to escape the fortress in time and watches as the building collapses.

The Chronoscepter's DestructionEdit

After leaving the ruins of the Campaigner's fortress, Tal'Set goes into a dream-state to confer with past and future Turoks on the Chronoscepter's fate. He decides to throw the Chronoscepter directly into an active volcano so no one would ever abuse its power again.

Unknown to Tal'Set and the other Turoks, the destruction of the Chronoscepter triggers a violent earthquake all across the Lost Land. The quake awakens a being long-trapped inside a large derelict spacecraft deep within the Lost Land. The events of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil then follow.


  • Its spiritual successor is the Nuke in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.
  • The Chronoscepter's appearance differs greatly from the comic and the game. The comic's version of the weapon is smaller and has a simpler design. Its capabilities remain unchanged.
  • This weapon would start a tradition from Dinosaur Hunter to Shadow of Oblivion. Each game would feature a powerful weapon that must be assembled first before it can be used. The other two weapons to follow this tradition after the Chronoscepter are the Nuke and the PSG.
  • In Level 7, "The Lost Land," there are actually two Chronoscepter pieces, though only one is needed to assemble the weapon. One is located atop a cliff which can only be reached by jumping into a lava pit and swimming to the hidden cave at the bottom. This in turn will lead to the first piece. The second piece is located right below a checkpoint guarded by two Turrets right before reaching the end-level warp portal. The player has to first take out both sentries. Once the player reaches the other side of this checkpoint, they must either turn left or right and drop down. This piece is guarded by two Demon Lords. There is also a Backpack pick up and a teleporter which will take the player back to the main path.

List of appearancesEdit

Video Games


  • Turok Online Exclusive Webcomic (Appears in flashback)
  • Turok 2: Seeds of Evil comic adaptation (Appears in flashback)

Notes and referencesEdit

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