Cole was the captain of Whiskey Company, making his first appearance in Turok. He was a fair-tempered and calm leader, making him perfect for the job, up until his death.



Cole's first appearance was during the events of "Prelude," where he was seen briefing the Whiskey Co. members on their current mission. He then promptly told Slade to "can it," in reference to Slade's speaking out against his introduction of Joseph Turok into the Whiskey Co. fold.

After said introduction, he was not seen again, even as the ship was hit, and was largely absent until "Reunions," where he was seen ordering the remnants of Whiskey Co. around to make an effective base near the main wreckage. He then told Turok that he needed to obtain the communications unit, to which Turok did so over the events of "Mother Superior." Cole was then absent until "Mother Superior," where he made a short appearance near the end of the level.


Cole's death occurred during "Killing Fields," near the beginning of the level. As Turok walked over to him, Cole began speaking, only to be unexpectedly shot by an arrow fired by John Grimes, killing him instantly.

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