Cowboy was a member of Whiskey Company, making his first appearance in Turok. He was the last survivor of his section of the wrecked ship that Joseph Turok found when sent to find the communications unit. Cowboy was voiced by Timothy Olyphant.



Cowboy's section of the ship was presumably separated from the rest of the ship upon impact. It crashed some ways away, and Cowboy ended up with a few Whiskey Company members by his side. By the events of "Ghost in the Shadow," Cowboy's remaining allies were all killed, be it by MG Soldiers or dinosaurs, leaving him the sole survivor.

Turok came to his aid and rescued him, before leading him away from combat to an MG outpost in the jungle. Turok initiated a conversation which was abruptly cut off by an arrow launched at Cowboy by John Grimes which struck him in the torso. Cowboy was then tended to by Parker, and Slade and Turok got into a small fight, which was promptly dismissed.

After the events of "Mother Superior," Turok returned without Gonzales or Foster, causing a small amount of grief to fall upon the remnants of Whiskey. Slade then confronted Turok and challenged him to a knife duel. After being broken up again, Cowboy commended and defended Turok, claiming they should be happy he helped and retrieved the comm unit.


"You're wrong, Kane. Without Turok, we would have never survived this long."
—Cowboy's last words

Cowboy was then seen in "Into the Breach," where he assisted Turok in placing C-4 all over key points of an MG compound. Shortly after this, the remnants of Whiskey (now reduced to four soldiers including Cowboy) were taken hostage by a team of MG soldiers and personally confronted by both Roland Kane and Grimes.

Kane mocked the men and then Turok for his earlier abandonment and failures before Cowboy spoke up, stating that without Turok the team never would have survived as long as they did. Kane cut him off mid-sentence, swiftly drawing his pistol and shooting Cowboy in the chest, killing him instantly before snidely noting the irony of Cowboy's statement, remarking "I wasn't expecting that."

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