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The Dark Matter Cube is a weapon that is exclusive to Turok: Evolution.

It operates as a type of black hole grenade by sucking in everything in its path.


The Dark Matter Cube appears as a small, symmetrical cube with hieroglyph-like carvings on each face.

It is black in color and has an energy aura around itself which changes color and appearance depending on its current operating mode.


The Dark Matter Cube is arguably one of the most powerful weapons in Turok: Evolution. It can easily destroy entire masses of Sleg troops with its primary mode which instantly kills every Sleg within its radius. In its secondary mode it will transform the area of impact into a bright gravity well causing every living thing in its radius to get sucked in and, ultimately, blown to bits on its event horizon.

The weapon is very accurate in the hands of an experienced player, and it will operate after being thrown for approximately five to ten seconds. That being said the Dark Matter Cube does have its weaknesses, such as not being effective on the Purrlin.

Dark Matter Cubes are fairly rare to find, though if the player does find one of these cubes, there is a good chance that a difficult enemy encounter will soon follow.

Unlike the Grenades, only one Dark Matter Cube can be used at a time. The player cannot throw another until the effects of the first have disappeared.


  • Function 1: The primary function of the Dark Matter Cube is a simple "explosion". A large white ball of unknown energy forms at the impact zone when thrown, and anything within range will instantly be killed. The energy ball never moves, but the player can lead enemies into it causing their deaths.
  • Function 2: The secondary function of the Dark Matter Cube is a portable "black hole".  When thrown, the Dark Matter Cube will form a miniature ball of energy that will slowly stretch and destroy any enemy caught in its grasp. This is effective against most Sleg troops; however, larger targets like the Purrlin and airborne enemies will be unaffected.

Ammo Pickups

Dark Matter Cube: Restocks one Dark Matter Cube.


  • The Dark Matter Cube's transformation into its secondary function makes it appear remarkably similar to a black Rubik's Cube.
  • The Dark Matter Cube's secondary fire is remarkably similar to the PSG from Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion.

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