The Echindon is a small, brown-skinned dinosaur featured in the game Turok.


The Echindon appears much like the Mini-Raptor, being small and similar to a Utahraptor. They are the same size as the Mini-Raptors, but have a vastly different appearance.

For one, they are more slender, and their skulls are more pointed instead of stubby. They have much smaller eyes and lack spikes. They also have a simple, three splayed toe design, rather than a Raptor-like clawed toe. Not to mention they have a completely different color scheme.


In gameplay, these dinosaurs act the exact same as Mini-Raptors. They will attempt to jump at the player in an attempt to kill them. Utilizing pack strategies, they are formidable in groups and useless on their own. Unlike other dinosaurs, these creatures are passive and will not truly attack unless attacked first.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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