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The Firestorm Cannon is a weapon that first appears in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. It is essentially a re-designed Minigun that fires rounds of plasma.


The Firestorm Cannon of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a futuristic minigun that has five barrels. When fired, its base rotates clockwise, while the barrels rotate counter-clockwise.

The weapon returns in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion, although this time it is exclusive to Danielle Fireseed. Its appearance has been greatly changed since Seeds of Evil and more closely resembles the Minigun from Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Its barrels have a dull bronze color while its base is a metallic gray.


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

The Firestorm Cannon is one of the more effective weapons in the game as it can rapidly fire at enemies and can detach limbs with only a few shots. To be fired, the weapon requires a quick spin-up that takes up to one and a half seconds.

It can take down Dinosoids, Mantids, Blind Ones, and Raptors with relative ease. It can even be effective against some Purr-Linn but will take a little more effort. It can prove to be of use against bosses like the Mantid Queen, Mother, and the Primagen.

The weapon consumes ammo at a fast rate, but thankfully it is quite common in boss rooms and in Ammo Drop rooms. The Firestorm Cannon also shares ammo with the Plasma Rifle, and as such these weapons can run out of ammo quickly with their meager capacity of 150 rounds.

It is recommended to use this weapon while either fighting a boss or defending an Energy Totem.

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

The weapon returns as part of Danielle's arsenal. The Firestorm Cannon remains relatively unchanged, but now it has a higher rate of fire and shoots bullets. It no longer requires a spin-up and still works effectively on enemies and bosses alike. 

The Firestorm Cannon now shares ammo with the Assault Rifle, and as a result it still holds up to 150 rounds, which can drain faster than in Seeds of Evil. Players must make sure each shot counts or they will be running out of ammo quite often.

Ammo Pickups

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

  • Weapon: Restores 125 plasma rounds.
  • Plasma Rounds: Restores 30 plasma rounds.
  • Plasma Pak: Restores 150 plasma rounds.

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

  • Rifle Clip: Restores 10 bullets.
  • Box of Rifle Bullets: Restores 20 bullets.


  • Unlike the Plasma Rifle, the Firestorm Cannon's shots are colored yellow, even though both weapons use plasma ammo.
  • A weapon that resembles the Firestorm Cannon is seen in artwork for Seeds of Evil, but it looks more like a rifle than a minigun.
  • The Firestorm Cannon can be found in the Death Marshes, but the player must have the Eye of Truth Talisman to reach the weapon.

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