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Late Cretaceous


Large slender skull, three fingers, gray skin.

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T. rex (Mistakenly)

——The Giganotosaurus' roar.

The Giganotosaurus is a carnivorous dinosaur in Turok. Its first and only appearance is during the level "Death Valley."

On their way to a small cave entrance in the valley, Joseph Turok and Slade end up encountering the creature. It cannot be killed, thus the player must avoid it. Slade mistakes this dinosaur for a Tyrannosaurus rex.


2007 buildEdit

In a prerelease image for Turok, the Giganotosaurus was seen with a drastically different appearance, being beige-yellow in coloration, with a scientifically accurate skull design. The teeth of the carnivore were much more jagged, and the creature's arms were scaled properly with relation to its body.

The eyes of the dinosaur were a deep yellow, and a large scar was present alongside the right side of the dinosaur's face, on its jaw and fenestra.

2008 buildEdit

The Giganotosaurus appears as a giant gray-skinned carnivore that has large arms with three-fingered claws. This dinosaur is around the same size as Mama Scarface. However, it is less muscular in comparison to Scarface, instead having a slimmed build. On top of this, the creature also bears scars similar to Scarface. The scars are identical to Utahraptor claw marks and are located on the legs, shoulders, and the base of its tail.

This dinosaur also has spiky crests above its eyes, and it has a longer, more narrow skull than a Tyrannosaurus. After this brief appearance it is never seen again as it presumably stays in its Death Valley territory for all of its life.

It has no offspring, but there are smaller skulls in the valley that match the Giganotosaurus' skull, hinting at past generations that were wiped out by predators.



The Giganotosaurus acts the same as Mama Scarface in gameplay, which means that the Giganotosaurus can outpace Turok in just a few strides.  It can also perform an instant-kill move which involves Joseph Turok getting eaten. It performs this move if the player stands too close to it, or if it attempts a full-on sprint towards the player which knocks them back, giving it time to eat Turok.

The one big gameplay difference here is that the Giganotosaurus is invulnerable. This means that no amount of weaponry will kill it, so when the player encounters this dinosaur, they must run away from it. Around Death Valley are logs that the player can hide in, and there are also crevices that hold ORO FP9 SMG ammo and Utahraptor nests.

The Giganotosaurus has a few offensive capabilities. There is a headbutt attack, a tail-whip attack, and then the instant-kill finishing move that is exclusive to the T. rex and Giganotosaurus.

The tail-whip move is the most commonly and unintentionally used attack. This attack occurs when the massive beast turns around and swings its tail into the player. This will cause moderate damage to the player and it will momentarily stun the player, leaving them open to attacks. This attack can also unintentionally be performed if the player is next to the Giganotosaurus and it turns around to face a Utahraptor

The head butt attack is a very dangerous attack, meaning that if it is performed, the chances of the player surviving the next few seconds are very slim. This attack involves the Giganotosaurus ramming them with its head, which will cause the player to be disoriented and stunned much like the tail-whip attack. However, when this attack is performed, it is usually succeeded by the Giganotosaurus performing the instant kill on the player which will force them to restart.

The "instant kill" attack is the most dangerous of them all. It is usually preceded by the headbutt and is always a game over for the player. It is presented as a miniature "movie" in a sense which will show the Giganotosaurus devouring the player in a few ways. There is no way to counter it.

Developer testing mapsEdit

The Giganotosaurus appears in one of the developer testing maps that ended up being cut from the game. The map it was in featured was a small forest, hinting that the Giganotosaurus might have originally been located elsewhere than the barren Death Valley or probably seeing unused animations a second encounter zone.

On this map, it is also shown to be vulnerable to average weaponry, as seen by the use of the player's ORO Red Fist RPG.



In the storyline, the Giganotosaurus makes a subtle appearance. Its only appearance is in Death Valley, where it attempts to feed on Parasaurolophus and, eventually, Joseph Turok and Slade as they make their way through its territory. It does not follow the duo into the cavern that they fall into, nor does it leave the valley to make appearances elsewhere.


  • If Joseph fires at the Giganotosaurus with enough ammunition, Slade will tell Turok that he is wasting ammo and that he cannot harm the beast. This is due to the Giganotosaurus' inability to be killed.
  • In a pre-release build of the game, the Giganotosaurus was originally going to be at the MG station where Reese died while Mama Scarface made an appearance at Death Valley instead. It is unknown why this was changed.
  • It is possible to kill the Giganotosaurus with the use of modifications on the PC version.[1]
    • In addition to this, the dinosaur has two death animations present within the game's files, despite being invincible. One has the dinosaur simply falling onto its side, deceased, and the second has the dinosaur tripping, falling, before seemingly falling down a large gap.[2]

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)

Notes and referencesEdit

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