Gonzales was a member of Whiskey Company and a good friend of Slade, making his first appearance in Turok.



Shortly before the Whiskey Company ship was subject to an impact from a terrestrial weapons system, Gonzales was among the members of Whiskey Co. in the War Room being briefed by Cole on their current objective.

When Joseph Turok's name was called, Gonzales smirked and scoffed, covering his face with his hand while laughing. He is largely absent throughout the rest of the game, except for the ending of "Ghost in the Shadow," where he questions Logan on the communications unit before being hastily dispatched to find it.


During their trek to Mother Superior, the squad of three (Joseph, Foster, and Gonzales) all went to find a comm unit. Foster was killed early on, and Gonzales then helped Turok clear a base in an attempt to find the comm unit's location.

Upon killing the Mendel-Gruman forces stationed in the area, Gonzales hopped up onto a cliff and found the comm unit — right before Mama Scarface appeared from the treeline and grabbed Gonzales in her jaws.

Screaming in terror, he was carried off to the nest by the dinosaur, where he presumably perished, killed either by Scarface or her offspring.

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  • Turok (First appearance)
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