"Whiskey Company, come in! Anyone out there? Dammit, still no answer... Whiskey Company, come in! Whiskey Company? Cole? Lewis? Logan? Anybody out there?"
—Henderson, attempting to make contact with the rest of the Whiskey Company

Henderson was a minor character featured in Turok.



At some point in his life, Henderson joined Whiskey Company, becoming a sergeant by the time the group was tasked with capturing Roland Kane.

Events of TurokEdit

"There, see that smoke? I bet that's where the rest of the ship came down. That's where we wanna go."
—Henderson, to Joseph Turok

Henderson was one of the soldiers awakening from cryogenic sleep before Captain Cole's de-briefing about their most recent mission: capturing General Roland Kane, leader of the legendary Wolf Pack. He was also present when Cole introduced new member Joseph Turok to Whiskey Company.

Immediately afterwards, the ship was bombed by an MG S.A.M. The missile heavily damaged the bridge of the ship, which Henderson was on, sucking the bridge crew into space but Henderson was able to escape before the door sealed the damaged section shut. As the ship crashed on an unknown planet, Henderson encountered Turok during the panic, and the two managed to escape the ship's wreckage together before it exploded, though several other survivors were killed in the subsequent explosions from the wreckage. After a hard landing, he questioned Turok's condition and then instructed Turok to stay close and follow him.


Henderson grabbed by a Utahraptor.

As the two made it through the area, Henderson expressed shock and awe when an Echindon jumped out in front of him. He and Turok then went to a cliff side and were greeted by both the sight of the Whiskey Co. ship and multitudes of dinosaurs, concluding that in order to find their fellow men, they must reach the other part of the wreckage.

Henderson then tried to contact the others and received a weak signal. As he continued walking and neared the bushes, he was suddenly grabbed and dragged into them by a Utahraptor and eaten alive, leaving Turok alone.

His mauled remains were found further up the path, laid out like a trap. Henderson was later mentioned by Slade as one of the deceased officers.


  • The armor Henderson wore was black, while all other Whiskey soldiers, with the exception of Shepard, wore green as seen in "The Lost Land."
  • Henderson's character model is used for bodies of deceased Whiskey Company NPCs found at various points throughout the game.
  • Henderson was presumably a high-ranking member of Whiskey Company, as he's one of the names listed among the dead officers by Slade.
  • Henderson's character was originally dubbed "Sergeant Morris" until it was confirmed that he was Henderson.

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