Jericho is a heavy soldier, first seen in Turok. Jericho was strong-hearted and tough, and he tended to get the most sentimental and angry when his fellow Whiskey Company troops perished. His signature weapon was the ORO War Horse Chaingun.

His fate is ultimately unknown, but he was presumed by his fellows dead after holding back enemy soldiers in a Mendel-Gruman base while allowing Joseph Turok and Shepard to enter the main complex.



Jericho was first seen in "Reunions," alongside Shepard, informing new arrivals Joseph, Slade, and Reese about the current condition of their equipment. He was then seen again in "Killing Fields," where he helped stave off an attack by MG Soldiers and vehicles.

After this, he was the first to vote that Whiskey Company should go into the jungle at night to get revenge on the basis that "they killed our guys"; however, startling roars from the forest made him reconsider such an action, prompting him to be content with waiting until morning.

He was then seen again in "Heroes End," where he continuously assisted Turok, Slade, Reese, and the rest of Whiskey as they made their way to the MG facility in hopes of finding a way off the planet. He expressed sadness at Logan's death, and eventually they reach the facility, where he allows Turok and Shepard to go forth in his place, as he stayed behind to delay the MG soldiers.

Presumed deathEdit

Jericho died staying behind when he, Joseph, and Shepard were going into an MG base. Meeting an army of soldiers, he orders the other two to get inside the base and save themselves while he holds them off.

Eventually, he began to take on too much damage and sank to his knees, still firing his ORO War Horse Chaingun at the opposition, who ruthlessly continued their attempts to cut him down. He eventually stood back up and fired wildly into the MG crowd, screaming as he was presumably shot to death.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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