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"I... am Turok!"
—Joshua Fireseed[6]

Joshua Fireseed, also known as the Coyote Knight, is a character in the Turok series, appearing as the main protagonist and playable character of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and as a supporting character in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. In addition, he serves as the main character in the Acclaim comic series and the Turok junior novels.

Joshua is a Native American who was chosen to become the next Turok after the death of his uncle, Carl Fireseed. He is the older brother of Joseph Fireseed and the younger brother of Danielle Fireseed, both serving as his successors.


Throughout history, a Native American hero by the name of Turok has secretly protected Earth and a realm known as the Lost Land. The mantle of Turok is passed down from one generation to another, the eldest child of the previous Turok typically honored with the title and its duties.

In 1997, Joshua Fireseed assumed the role of Turok.

Early life[]

Not much is known about Joshua's past, though it is known that he is of Saquin descent and grew up outside of the Lost Land, unaware of his family's history with the place.

After becoming Turok, Joshua would continue to live on Earth but would still defend the Lost Land with his life if it would ever be in need of his assistance.

He would later move in with his siblings, Danielle and Joseph, to help them cope with the recent loss of Danielle's husband, Brian.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil[]

Joshua as the new Turok.

Shortly after Tal'Set defeated the Campaigner, the warrior had to decide the Chronoscepter's fate. Eventually, he disposed of the weapon by throwing it into an active volcano. This would prevent the artifact from being used for evil, but it would also be the cause of a violent earthquake that shook the Lost Land.

This shockwave would awaken the Primagen, who had previously been put into a deep slumber by the Lazarus Concordance. It would be many decades before the threat of the Primagen would grow large enough to warrant the intercession of the Turok lineage. By this time, Joshua had become the Son of Stone, taking over from his Uncle Carl.

Fireseed's Journey[]

At the beginning of his journey, Joshua is greeted by an extraterrestrial female known as Adon, the Speaker of Forever Light. Adon informs the new Turok of her purpose and gives him a briefing on the Primagen. Adon then sends the warrior to the port of Adia, which is under attack by the Dinosoid Army.

Joshua after being transported.

Joshua journeys deep within the Lost Land to seek out the Primagen, while locating and defending the five Energy Totems necessary to destroy this evil entity. The warrior travels through the city of Araissi, the swampy Death Marshes of the Purr-Linn, the underground Lair of the Blind Ones, the complex Hive of the Mantids, and eventually the Primagen's Lightship.

On his journey, Joshua locates several sacred eagle feathers and offers them to a ghostly shaman figure in the Talisman chambers. The shaman grants Joshua superhuman powers in exchange for the feathers the new Turok obtains. These powers act as a way to help Joshua explore areas he could not normally reach in the Lost Land. These powers include the ability to jump long distances, walk on lava, and swim through toxic waters.

The Flesh Portals[]

While the Primagen is slowly working his way out of his Lightship, another evil entity is quietly assisting him, unbeknownst to the inhabitants of the Lost Land.

This entity has planted several portals throughout the Lost Land, exact copies of the portals which lead to the Talisman chambers. These are designed to throw Joshua off and lead him into a trap. Within these portals, the warrior is warped to dark, ominous areas and is greeted by several ghastly voices.

The voices taunt Joshua, stating that the Primagen must not be stopped and the balance of the Turok lineage must falter. The voices explain that they are an evil group of demon-like creatures that refer to themselves as Oblivion. They end by stating that their main purpose is to kill Joshua and that his death is "inevitable."

Joshua is able to rid himself of the attacking Oblivion Spawn, and finds a piece of the Nuke weapon every time he leaves these areas. Eventually, Joshua reaches their last portal and is taunted once more by the disembodied voices, once again stating that Joshua's failure is inevitable.

Defeating the Primagen[]

Joshua and the Primagen, face-to-face.

Finally, Joshua locates all of the keys to open the passage to the Primagen's chamber. Inside, Joshua confronts the garish entity. The Primagen states that he has "prepared well" for their confrontation.

In the final aftermath, the Primagen is weakened but is about to face his demise. Each of the Energy Totems are seen powering up, and they shoot blue beacons of light into the sky. The combined beams of energy jet through the Primagen's chamber and strike the being, burning him with their light and force. The Primagen is obliterated in a blast of energy and is reduced to a black crater inside his lair.

Shortly after, Joshua is transported out of the chamber and meets with Adon once more.


Adon explaining the dark presence to Joshua.

Adon is elated at the news that Joshua has defeated the Primagen and thanks him for his valiant deeds. The Speaker of Forever Light then informs Fireseed that during his battle, she was approached by an unseen force and a feeling of dread had washed over her.

Adon further explains that its energy signature seems to exist beyond any fundamental force, and she was unable to identify the force exactly. She also informs Joshua that while she was scanning the entity, she detected energies of the Turok lineage, too, hinting that his ancestors may have encountered this being in the past.

Deep within space, a disembodied voice states that "It is inevitable."

Turok: Rage Wars[]

Joshua Fireseed appears once more in this multiplayer-based installment. He appears as he did in Seeds of Evil and is one of four characters that are available at the start of the game.

Competing In the Rage Wars[]

Joshua remains the current Turok in this entry of the Turok franchise, although this time the mantle of Turok is up for grabs. If Joshua were to remain as the current Turok, then he would have to compete in the Rage Wars in order to keep his title.

As such, he fights in this tournament-like event and remains victorious. Joshua keeps the Light Burden, and all of the other competitors fail to triumph.

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion[]

Joshua fighting in his nightmare.

The story continues with Joshua awakening from a nightmare, which included the warrior saving an unknown child from Oblivion's henchmen. This prompts Joshua to utter "It's coming."

Two years have passed since the events of Seeds of Evil, and Joshua now lives with his siblings, Danielle and Joseph. Danielle's husband, Brian, had passed away recently, and Joshua had moved in to help them cope with their loss. However, Danielle begins to worry about Joshua since he has been in a depression for the past few days.

When questioned about his mood, Joshua immediately brings up a child. He further explains to Danielle that "the child is the key" and that whatever happens to the three of them, they must not let this child fall into the wrong hands. Joshua theorizes that this child is the last of the Turok lineage, and the death of the child will cause the balance to falter.

The Oblivion Spawn attempting to attack Joshua.

The following night, a portal opens up and a group of Oblivion's servants sneak into Joshua's bedroom while he sleeps. Just as they are about to attack, Joshua surprises them and kills three of the Spawn. Joshua continues to fight the Spawn, but is outnumbered. Soon Danielle and Joseph wake up and notice the scuffle. Joshua tells the pair to leave immediately, but he is shot by a Spawn.

Joshua, weakened, tells the siblings once again to leave. Danielle and Joseph say their last goodbyes to Joshua and speed off in a truck. Joshua stays behind and uses a timed grenade to dispose of the Spawn. Joshua is presumed dead.


Danielle and Joseph eventually locate and defeat Oblivion, but a small fragment of his body survives and begins crawling away. The pair then chases the "essence" of Oblivion deep into its headquarters.

Once they track down the fragment, the "essence" is nowhere to be found. Instead, they find Joshua, much to Danielle and Joseph's shock. Danielle is about to approach their revived brother, but Joseph holds her back as Joshua begins to taunt the pair with the voice of Oblivion. The essence took on the appearance of Joshua to fool the siblings. The siblings then engage the doppelganger and are able to defeat the essence.

Joshua coughs up the essence of Oblivion, revealing that he never died in the explosion. Oblivion simply kept his body as a host and was using it against the siblings. Joshua apologizes to his siblings that he had given them his false visions of a child. The warrior then explains to Danielle that there still is a child: Danielle's child, revealing that Danielle was pregnant with Brian's offspring sometime before his death. Joshua then says his final goodbyes to his loved ones and dies, with Danielle and Joseph at his side.

Adon's Discovery[]

Throughout the story, Adon is seen trying to find ways to revive Joshua. The extraterrestrial has been picking up traces of Joshua's spirit, still alive and well. Adon believes that the former Turok is not truly dead and seeks a way to save him.

The Council of Voices takes notice of Adon's observation, noting that she is "playing her part perfectly." They also begin to worry that Adon may find out about their "true purpose."

When Adon confronts the Council, they state that she must not save Joshua. She becomes confused and frustrated upon hearing this. She then steps down from her position and leaves to save Joshua.

The Council of Voices later replaces Adon with Yvree, the new Speaker of Forever Light. They ask Yvree about Adon's obsession with Joshua, and she states that Adon loves him. The Council tells Yvree that she must stop Adon and that she must prepare herself.

Behind the Scenes[]

Until 1996, there was only one Turok, and Turok was his actual name. He starred in two comic series, Turok, Son of Stone and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. This led to him getting his own game, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, which featured characters based off of those from the Dinosaur Hunter comics. However, that same year, comic veteran Fabian Nicieza and Acclaim Comics (formerly Valiant Comics) decided to totally revamp the universes of their characters.

As a result, the concept of the mantle of Turok being passed down by generation was created, and the Turok from the first game would be renamed Tal'Set. The new line would change the focus from the old Turok to a new character, Joshua Fireseed, a college student who would go on to star in the following three Turok games.


  • Joshua Fireseed is voiced by Dean Seltzer in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and Stephen Crawford in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion.
  • Though Joshua is most famous for his role in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, his first appearance was in Acclaim Comics' Turok series. Turok: The Empty Souls was released roughly two years before the second Turok game, almost three months before Dinosaur Hunter.
    • It is most likely for this reason that Joshua's design appears on Dinosaur Hunter's box art, and keeping in mind that a new comic series would be launching soon, Acclaim would have wanted to capitalize on this.
  • Though he is the second Turok in the Acclaim game universe, his exact connection with Tal'Set or the Saquin Nation remains unknown. The comics, however, established Tal'Set as Joshua's great-great-great-grandfather.
  • He only had one speaking line in Seeds of Evil, other than damage grunts. Joshua would later have more speaking lines in Shadow of Oblivion.
  • Though an important character, Joshua is only referred by his actual name once throughout Seeds of Evil. He is always referred to as Turok by all other characters/entities.
  • Joshua's headband design would be something that would constantly change back and forth, with either two medallions on the band or just one. The position of the medallions would differ greatly as well, shifting between covering one eye or covering the other eye.

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