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Large, imposing body; whip-like tail; and stiff, rigid neck.

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The Juggernaut is a massive mechanized beast built by the Sleg that is featured in Turok: Evolution.


This creature has the body type of an oversized sauropod, with a long, horizontally-aligned body; a long neck; and an even longer tail. Its skin color is a dark brown, and it has large black eyes.

Its limbs are thick and trunk-like while its neck is more thin. On its back is a massive fortress equivalent to the Sleg Fortress, which has a massive communications device mounted on it. There is also armor dotting its body around its back and legs.

The Juggernaut could potentially be classified as a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier due to its three reactors, aircraft runway strip with a hangar, and green-red navigation lights like those found on maritime vessels.


The exterior of the creature is only seen once in the game, during "Juggernaut Approach." However, it is shown that the creature towers over modern buildings and cities, and it is larger than most, if not all, other vehicles in the Lost Land.

It has no attacks or any other ways of hurting the player, though its equipped weaponry has been stated as possessing destructive power enough to level a city. It also shows no signs of pain, as the player can unleash .50 caliber ammunition into it upon flying closer, and it makes no motions or sounds of pain.


  • The Juggernaut, being an enormous sauropod, resembles dinosaurs such as Amphicoelias.
  • Following the dinosaur's death, firing at its corpse's head will result in it being violently decapitated.

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