Lanok is a member of a tribe of primitive humans that live in Lost Valley.


When Turok and Andar discover their village, the two warriors save Lanok's people from a Tyrannosaurus rex with their bows and poison arrows. They then decide to teach the cave people how to make and use bows for themselves. Lanok is an enthusiastic learner of the trade, though he had problems with crafting a smooth bow.

Lanok's people eventually seek shelter in a nearby cave in order to avoid another hungry Tyrannosaurus rex. Turok and Andar, returning from a journey to another village, declare that they will seek out a new home for the cave people. The warriors discover an island in the middle of a river, and, returning to the cave, alert Lanok's people of their findings. Turok, Andar, and the cave people arrive at the island with little problem.

Turok and Andar continue their journey, but Lanok decides to follow them in a boat. However, the river's currents are too much for the cave man, and he quickly loses his paddle. Turok spots Lanok, and he and Andar set out in their canoe, throwing a rope to Lanok in the hopes of pulling him to shore. Unfortunately, the activity draws the attention of a Kronosaurus, and while Turok and Andar battle the creature, Lanok's boat is damaged by an ichthyosaur. Lanok jumps into the canoe—now damaged by the Kronosaurus—and the three make it to shore before the vessel sinks.

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