"Slade, you and Parker are with me. Gonzales, take Foster and Turok, and find that comm unit."
—Logan, at the end of "Ghost in the Shadow"

Logan was one of the soldiers of Whiskey Company that survived the crash of the Whiskey Co. ship, first seen in Turok. He was voiced by William Fichter.



Logan, like many other characters, made his first appearance in "Prelude." He helped Turok with weapon selection, asking Turok if "he's ever used one of these," shortly before the ship was hit by a missile. He was not seen again until the end of "Reunions" where he was talking with Cole about his mental health, stating "I'm fine." Throughout the game, Logan starts to show signs of mental trauma but continues to deny any accusations. It is hinted that he had sustained a head injury during the crash.

During "Ghost in the Shadow," he angrily ordered Turok, Foster, and Gonzales to obtain the communications unit. Afterwards, he was largely absent until "Killing Fields" where he announced himself as the honorary leader of Whiskey over Slade, after Cole's demise. After some arguing, Logan ordered Carter, Turok, and Slade to investigate the lights and noises in the distance.

Later on in "Heroes End," he was heard but not seen in a radio transmission between him, Turok, and Slade. During the conversation, Slade hoped that Logan had not "gotten half of the team killed" to which Logan responded with "I can still hear you pricks." He then saved Slade and Turok from an MG Helicopter by downing it with an ORO Red Fist RPG.

Shortly after, a convoy of MG troops appeared. Logan questioned out loud why they keep finding Whiskey's survivors, but then (mistakenly) figured that Turok must be a traitor and actually allied with the MGs. Logan pulled his pistol on Turok, but was quickly disarmed by Slade. Afterward, the team were forced to hide.


During the midway point in "Heroes End," Logan accidentally alerted the MG to Whiskey's presence which split the team up. Turok killed the MG soldiers on his side before being knocked down by an explosion. Looking up, he witnessed Logan run into the open with an RPG screaming, "Eat this, you son of a bitch!" before firing a rocket at the chopper. Though the rocket hit the helicopter, the blast was not enough to destroy it, and Logan was subsequently killed by the chopper's chain guns. Logan then fell to the ground dead, leaving Turok his RPG to destroy the chopper.


  • Early developmental screenshots of Turok show Logan as a MG Soldier.
  • Logan's behavior is similar to the character of Lt. Coffey in the 1989 film The Abyss. Both start mentally sound, but as time goes by (possible crash-related head injury for Logan and high-pressure nervous syndrome for Coffey) both start to become increasingly agitated and paranoid until they turn on their own men.

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