The Longhunter was an elite hunter and acts as the first boss of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.


This man appears as a standard-looking militarist human man. He has blond hair and blue eyes. His facial features are chiseled out and very defined. His apparel includes a green camo-colored shirt, a red scarf around his neck, brown pants, brown gloves and large black boots.

Across his chest is a large ammo belt, and he has multiple knives located in and on his boots, each in their own sheathes. He carries and uses the Pulse Rifle as his main weapon, which he will drop for the player to take after he is defeated.


When engaging the Longhunter:

  • The very first time the player enters the arena, they should jump into the water pools around the area for some Pistol ammo, Shotgun ammo, a Backpack (if needed), and Tek Armor.
  • Once the player triggers the cutscene and battle by making contact with the static wall around the key in the center of the arena, the Longhunter will send in an armed Humvee. Use either the Assault Rifle or Tek Arrows to destroy it. Repeat this step for the second Humvee.
  • The Humvees are armed with machine guns and rocket pods. Simply move backwards in a small circle and stay close to the sides of the vehicle to avoid being hit directly. If the player gets too close to the front or rear (as it can and will drive in reverse occasionally) of the Humvee, they will be knocked back and take some damage.
  • After both Humvees have been taken care of, the Longhunter will come after the player. Thus, the player must try to stay as far away from him as possible to have a better chance of avoiding the boomerang-like projectiles he throws at them. It is preferred that the player switches between the Shotgun and Tek Arrows at this range to take care of him.
  • Ammo and health will spawn around the outer edge of the arena, so the player should make sure to stock up on as much ammunition as they can before finishing the Longhunter off.
  • After the player manages to defeat the boss, he will drop the aforementioned Pulse Rifle, and the Level 5 key will rise back up, allowing completion of the level.

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