Mendel-Gruman Corporation

Vehicle type:

Troop Transport and Assault Platform

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Mendel-Gruman Corporation


The Mendel-Gruman Armored Personnel Carrier is one of the only ground crafts used for troop insertion by the Mendel-Gruman Corporation.


The APC is a massive ground vehicle. It has grey armor plating, which covers the vehicle in all areas, barring the treads on which the vehicle moves.

There is a back door and ramp from which MG units emerge, and the inside of the vehicle is not very spacious. It holds two benches, one on each side, and a gun rack in the back, which can contain any number of weapons from ORO FP9 SMGs to ORO L66 Pulse Rifles.


In gameplay, this vehicle is harmless. It is only a transport and does not have any true weapons, though the units it carries do. Its ground speed is moderate, as it is not slow but also not fast enough to outpace or speed past the player. 

When encountered, the vehicle will usually stop, open the door, and drop off its troops, before remaining stationary as an in-game model. It is unknown if these vehicles have drivers.

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  • Turok (First appearance)