MG Elites are a type of MG Soldier that specialize in the use of the ORO L66 Pulse Rifle. They are seen during the events of Turok.


These soldiers appear early on in the game. They are silver with black bodysuits, and they also have blue lights alongside their spine.

They wear a mix of light armor and heavy armor centralized around the head and chest areas. The visor, like a few other MG types, will always remain its default silver color, no matter the circumstance. They are also taller in height in comparison to the other MG soldiers, most notably, MG Grunts and MG Snipers.


These enemies act very similar to the MG Grunts during gameplay. They will use their Pulse Rifles while attempting to rush the player. They will also make use of any cover available, and it is also worth noting that their weapons never overheat.

They are pretty fast while moving on foot, and they can easily close the gap between themselves and the player. They, like other MG units, will travel mostly in pairs, but sometimes the player will see them in groups of three or four. They are also vulnerable to headshots much like the others. Overall, they pose a moderate threat to the player, more so than Grunts, but less than an MG Heavy Weapons soldier.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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