MG Scientists are scientists employed by the Mendel-Gruman Corporation on the terraformed planet during the events of Turok.


These scientists appear like your average scientist, with a large white lab coat, black pants, and nice work shoes in the concept art, and a completely white outfit in unfinished renders. They are balding and feature brown eyes from the renders seen.


The Mendel-Gruman scientists were charged with various tasks such as terraforming the planet and researching how the native creatures could be used as possible bio-weapons. Several scientists were researching infant Soldier Bugs when they suddenly died.

It was revealed that the Soldier Bugs' toxin, when airborne, can instantly kill whomever breaths it and will dissolve soon after. Roland Kane tested the toxin on a facility full of scientists to show Mendel-Gruman how effective the toxin could be.


  • The Scientist's model can be accessed via the game's files, as can an older version of the render. There are also various renders of dead scientists' bodies.

List of appearances

  • Turok (First appearance)
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