The MG Sniper is a light armored MG Soldier who wields a TRIGLAV 92 Stalker Sniper Rifle. They are very deadly, especially on higher difficulties.

They also carry a handgun for close combat. Snipers can be identified by their brown camouflage armor and triple circled left eye visor.

However, some variants appear to resemble MG Grunts, possess navy blue armor, and lack the tri-circled visor. Instead they have a normal helmet.


These soldiers are lightly armored, small in size, and not very intimidating in comparison to the other MG types. Their helmet differs from the average MG soldier in a few ways.

For one, the visor is differently shaped, with three circles in place of one eye piece, and the helmet is also lightly armored in comparison to the other helmets. The soldier's body armor is also different than the average MG enemy.

Instead of having more body armor, the Sniper's body has brown camo patches around the thighs and arms where armor should be. The chest and leg plates are also black in comparison to the Grunt's steel-grey armor color.


These soldiers act as the "background shooters." They will always make an attempt to hide in a building or tower behind their allies to try to take the player out. They are very accurate with their rifles, and one shot will kill if it impacts the player in the upper body area.

They are, however, very easy to distinguish in some areas as their dark camouflage actually shows up more on lighter surfaces such as jungle leaves or the base in "Mother Superior." They will not throw grenades or use other weapons, bar their sidearm, so they will always be vulnerable in close range combat.

The best weapons to use against them would be either the ORO Enforcer Shotgun, the ORO C9 Perforator Bow, or the ORO L66 Pulse Rifle. These enemies are also vulnerable to ORO FG8 Frag Grenades.


  • The triple circle design on the Sniper's visor bears a remarkable resemblance to Sam Fisher's trademark night vision goggles in the Splinter Cell series.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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