MG Soldiers are a hired militia that work for the Mendel-Gruman Corporation. They were commanded by former Wolf Pack members Roland Kane and John Grimes on the terraformed planet. Their various tasks would include eliminating the remains of Whiskey Company and capturing dinosaurs and large insects for the MG Scientists to research.

Each class usually wields its own specific weapon, though there are various times where different classes will wield non-standard weapons. When MG Soldiers are not alerted, the color of their visors will be blue. When they become suspicious of potential enemy activity, it turns yellow. If an enemy is seen, the visor ultimately turns red and the Soldier will begin to attack.


Rank/Image Description
Light Armored
The lowest rank of MG Soldier. These soldiers use handguns and SMGs.
Soldiers equipped with TRIGLAV 92 Stalker Sniper Rifles.
Dangerous soldiers equipped with ORO Red Fist RPGs.
Veteran (Grunt Sub-Group)
The highest ranking light armored MG troops. Gold strips on their white armor distinguish them from the rest of the Grunts.
Heavy Armored
These soldiers are very skilled. They can be seen during dire situations in the battlefield and carry some durability when shot at. They are also armed with ORO L66 Pulse Rifles.
Specialized in using ESUS Hellfire Flamethrowers.
Heavy Weapons
Heavily armored and equipped with ORO War Horse Chainguns, both mobile and mounted variants.

The following were set to appear in Turok and have partially finished models in the game's files.

The following are units that were either deleted or were set to appear in Turok 2.


  • The helmet of Light Armored MG Soldiers bear a striking resemblance to Helghast soldiers from the Killzone game series.
  • Early screenshots of Turok showed light armored MG Soldiers without helmets, some of which even had Logan's head. The full face masks were added to de-humanize the soldiers.[1]
  • Early screenshots of light armored MG Soldier helmets resembled the helmet of the Combine Soldiers from the Half-Life series.

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