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The Mantids are an aggressive and extremely intelligent race of insects. They have created a large colony in the Lost Land after they were deposited there.


They exist only to further their own existence and protect the queen. Each individual in the colony is of no higher importance than the other, and this has in turn left them without the ability to feel sympathy, kindness, pity, or remorse. They either live for their queen or die for the hive.

In Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, the Primagen promised the Mantids new worlds to infest in exchange for the destruction of the Energy Totem located inside their colony. The Mantids wasted no time and started assembling a large invasion force which would arrive on Earth as soon as the totem was destroyed.

The death of their queen at the hands of Joshua Fireseed has driven the Mantids to near extinction. With her out of the picture, their end is inevitable.


Each member of the colony serves a purpose or has a vital role which must be completed at all costs:

  • Mites: While not Mantids per-se, they are allowed to live in the colony as they can rid the Hive of rodents, parasites, and other unclean creatures that might upset their ecosystem.
  • Workers: Workers are the workforce of the hive as well as the protectors of the next generation of Mantids. They are assigned an egg chamber which they can watch over from great distances.
  • Drones: The Drones are the common footsoldier of the Mantids. Their speed and maneuverability allow them to scavenge for food and supplies in times of need.
  • Soldiers: Large and bulky, Soldiers have a single task at all times: make sure the hive is free of intruders and any other threats that might harm the queen.
  • Queen: Mother of all Mantids and ultimate protector of the Hive, the Queen is a vicious fighter and will not hesitate to attack.

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