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Media refers to any electronic or physical manifestation of Turok, including comic books, movies, and games. This page encompasses all of the known Turok media.


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Main video games[]

The "Main" video games include the core Acclaim series. The last title of the main video games includes the Propaganda Games reboot title, Turok.

Acclaim video games[]

Propaganda video games[]

Ports and mobile games[]

The "Ports and Mobile Games" includes titles only available on the mobile platform. These titles are companion titles to the core games and usually share the same base storyline, but have their own individual gameplay.


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Cancelled video games[]

The games under this category are ones that were shelved before release and were not released to the public. Only two inhabit this category.

Cancelled Acclaim game[]

Cancelled Propaganda game[]


Things under this category consist of Turok movies, animated or otherwise. 

Live-action Turok film[]

Main article: Cancelled Turok film (Adam Beach project)

So far, only one movie has been released; however, in 2008, shortly after the release of Turok, there was confirmation of a new live-action Turok movie in development, with Adam Beach starring as the character of Turok. There has been no news of the movie since.

Junior novels[]

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