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"Although Turok is adept at using high-tech weaponry, he is also deadly with the weapons of his heritage. If Turok slays an enemy with his knife or standard arrows, a special 'mortal wound' pickup may emerge. If it does, grab it quickly! This pickup will raise Turok's hit point level by 5 points."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

Mortal Wounds are collectable items that grant the player five additional health points above the regular 100.


Mortal Wounds are brightly colored masks that bear some resemblance to traditional American Indian ceremonial face masks. Mortal Wounds are a bluish-gray with thick, yellow, feathery brows and red accents on the cheeks and around the eyes. The masks' faces are serious-looking and have open, down-turned mouths.


The player acquires Mortal Wounds by killing a human enemy with either the Knife or regular arrows. Upon collecting one, the player's maximum health is increased by five. If the player is at less than full health, their health is automatically maxed. The player can reach a permanent maximum of 120 health points by collecting Mortal Wounds.

These pickups do not appear frequently and despawn faster than other item drops.

Mortal Wounds do not spawn on difficulty levels higher than Normal.

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