"Turok's trademark Bow that has the ability to strike opponents from great distances without making any sound. When at full tension, it's powerful enough to pin an enemy to a wall. When equipped with Tek Arrows, this weapon has an explosive effect. Turok can attack without being seen when using the Bow."
Turok manual[1]

The ORO C9 Perforator compound bow is a large compound bow that is specifically created for hunting enemies silently and is featured in Turok.

The bow can support two arrow types, a standard metal one and an explosive-tipped "Tek" arrow. It is obtained in "Bad Blood."


This bow resembles a modern compound bow. It is sleek, grey, and is constructed of metal in comparison to the Bow or Tek Bow.

The weapon features some lights on it, much like other ORO weaponry; however, they have no discernible purpose.



This weapon is silent, deadly, and very effective. When the player pulls back on the drawstring, they will prime an arrow, and depending for how long they hold the trigger, they will either stun or kill their enemy. The default arrow is versatile, being able to be used in multiple situations and multiple environments. It is effective against many MG soldier types and nearly all types of dinosaurs. The second is a "Tek arrow" which is explosive-tipped and can cause massive damage to soft targets.

This weapon is capable of "pinning" enemies to walls and nearby surfaces with default, steel-tipped arrows. To do so, the player must shoot the arrow when a soldier is next to the surface. Doing so can result in the player earning achievements or trophies (depending on the console).


This weapon is not a default weapon like the ORO P23 Combat Knife, and must instead be found on the map in order to be utilized. However, once in the player's hands, it can be the most deadly ranged weapon in the game, as it is more effective than the TRIGLAV 92 Stalker Sniper Rifle and even the ORO Red Fist RPG when used properly. 

The horizontal drop-off of fired arrows still remains; however, it can be used in the player's favor, such as using the drop off to impact the enemy's helmet from shorter ranges. The same applies to the Tek arrows.

There is also another disadvantage to this weapon, which is the visible trail that it emits upon launching an arrow, be it Tek or normal, as this can alert the enemy to the player's position. This can be countered by having the player simply move away from their last known position, rather than camping and leaving the player vulnerable to enemies when they know where he/she is.

Secondary fire: Tek arrowsEdit

This weapon's secondary function is the "Tek arrow." It is an explosive tipped arrow which, when shot, will cause a massive grenade-like explosion at the point of impact. It is very useful against soft targets like dinosaurs and MG soldiers; however, MG Helicopters and APCs are not affected by them.

Also, the sheer power of the arrow comes with a price: this type of arrow has a massive drop-off in comparison to the normal steel-tipped arrow.


"Yeah, that would be a great weapon... if we were fighting General Custer."
—Slade, when Joseph Turok obtains the C9


Along with the P23 combat knight, the Perforator was one of Joseph Turok's trademark weapons during his training under Roland Kane. John Grimes would also use the weapon as his signature.

After landing on the backwater planet, Turok, having rendezvoused with Slade would end up finding his personal bow, and would use it against the Mendel-Gruman Corporation and their lackeys.

Later, Grimes would end up striking Cowboy with a bolt from his bow, causing tension among the ranks of Whiskey Company as Slade accused Turok of launching the arrow.

The bow would remain in use as the operation to escape the planet progressed, with Grimes also managing to pick off Reese as the remnants of Whiskey attempted to enter an MG complex.

Ammo pickupsEdit

  • Arrows: Restores 25 arrows.
  • Tek Arrows: Restores 10 Tek arrows.

Achievements and TrophiesEdit

Impaler RibbonEdit

This is earned by simply pinning one enemy to a wall with an arrow during the campaign.


This is earned by pinning 50 enemies to walls in campaign.

Primitive WeaponsEdit

This achievement involves playing a match of Turok, only using the Perforator bow or ORO P23 combat knife, and getting a total of 10 kills.


While not explicitly mentioned in the achievement's description, the Perforator can be used to obtain it, as it is headshot capable.


  • The Perforator's model number as printed on the weapon is 251307.

List of appearancesEdit


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