For the weapon cut from Turok, see Triple-barreled Shotgun.

ORO Enforcer shotgun
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10/50 Shells, Unlimited Flares

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"I'll take that. It's got a flare launcher. Should come in handy."
—Slade, upon obtaining this weapon in "Death Valley"

The ORO Enforcer Shotgun is a 12-gauge automatic shotgun that appears in Turok.

The weapon can be dual-wielded, and it can also fire flares as a secondary function which attract dinosaurs. If a flare is fired into an enemy, soldier or not, a dinosaur will attack the enemy the flare is attached to.


This weapon's appearance is quite unique in comparison to other ORO weapons. First off, the Enforcer is multi-barreled: one barrel for actual shells, a second for flares, and a third for an unknown purpose.

Second, it has a grip that is joined with the butt of the gun, akin to the ORO FP9 SMG. Lastly, there are two sets of lights on the body of the weapon. One set is used to maintain an ammo count, and the second set is meant to show the cooldown effect of the flares that the Shotgun uses.


In Turok, the Enforcer Shotgun is first found in "Death Valley" when Slade picks it up and uses the flare to attract the attention of the Albino Utahraptors residing in the caves. It is found later in the cave area after the player falls from the rock bridge that collapses under their feet.

It is only effective at short range; therefore, it is a good weapon to use whenever the player is in a cramped area due to its ability to kill in one hit at close-range. It is also very effective against Utahraptors and Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rexes due to its ability to kill in one to two shots. In the same breath, it can also stun the dinosaurs giving the player time to escape if they are close to death. This tactic helps immensely on Inhuman difficulty.

Alternate Fire: FlareEdit

The flare is only present on the Enforcer Shotgun, making it a valued weapon if the player wants, or needs, to distract dinosaurs or light up a dark area, such as a cave or the base in the nighttime portion of "Mother Superior" where the player needs to see what is ahead of them.

The stickiness of the flares can be used against MG Soldiers and dinosaurs alike, as the player can fire a flare directly at either, causing any dinosaurs in the immediate vicinity to attack, while also making MG soldiers vulnerable as they will attempt to roll the flare off of them. This can be vital in terms of providing a distraction, as it can leave the two sides warring, while the player can slip away undetected, or unleash a barrage of ammunition into their foes.

The flare, however, is not without drawbacks. First, the flare has a steady then sudden rapid drop if the player shoots it high enough, so the player cannot expect to be able to shoot a flare across a canyon. Secondly, although the player is able to distract dinosaurs with the flare, causing a flare to stick to a dinosaur will not distract the stuck dinosaur, specifically. This will however, have the aforementioned side effect of causing other nearby dinosaurs to attack the stuck creature.

Lastly, the flare can only be fired after it recharges, so if the player launches one flare, they cannot fire another for about 5 to 7 seconds, making them vulnerable if they do not have anything else to defend themselves with.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Shotgun: Restores 25 Shotgun Shells.
  • Shotgun Ammo: Restores 10 Shotgun Shells.


It's A Trap!Edit

This achievement or trophy is earned by hitting five MG soldiers with a flare and then having a Utahraptor attack and kill them. This is easy to earn in the beginning of the level "Reunions" when the player needs to kill the MG soldiers stealthily under Slade's command.

Sell Your ShotgunsEdit

This achievement is earned by not using the Enforcer in the single-player mission "Mother Superior". A good tactic for the player to achieve this would be to drop the Shotgun in favor of the SMG located early on in the level, shortly after starting. Instead of the Enforcer, the player should use the ORO L66 Pulse Rifle.


  • It can be noted that the Enforcer's ammo lights, while currently red and green, were originally meant to be blue, as seen in pre-release screenshots that also included the dropped Jeep vehicle.
  • The flare doesn't distract dinosaurs that are roaring. Why this is the case is unknown.

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