"This razor sharp, carbon-plated combat Knife allows Turok to move quickly and silently, eliminating opponents with a single quiet kill when he approaches them without being spotted. Expert users may even be able to attack from the front."
Turok manual[1]

The ORO P23 combat knife is one of the most widely used weapons in Turok.

All members of Whiskey Company and Wolf Pack carry them on their armor, as do the MG Soldiers.


The combat knife features a sleek and shiny blade alongside a matte black handle. The blade is silver, and it features multiple serrations and grooves, while the handle sports a hilt and grip indents for the player to hold the knife.



The knife is arguably the most effective weapon in the game. It can take down all but the most powerful enemies in a quick animation. All types of dinosaurs up to the Dilophosaurus in terms of size are able to be taken out with one quick button press. Any MG Soldiers can also be killed in this fashion as long as they are not heavy units (units with ESUS Fireblade flamethrowers or ORO War Horse miniguns).

This weapon has a secondary attack which, when activated, will cause the player to move the knife in a "swiping" motion compared to the default "stabbing" motion. This weapon, however, is useless when the enemy is outside its range, so using this weapon in the vast jungles is a bad idea.

MG Soldiers also possess this weapon, though they will not use it to the extent that the player does. Instead, they only use it to fend off Utahraptor mauls, which they inevitably lose.


In multiplayer, all players start out with this weapon. It has the same abilities and effects as in the single-player campaign, and the player can run faster with the weapon.

This weapon loses some of its effectiveness in multiplayer, and ironically, its best assets are its downfall. When the player knife kills an enemy, be it human or saurian, they are static and caught in the animation, meaning they cannot escape gunfire or other things. However, if the player can use it like it should be used, as a stealth weapon, then it can easily be the most effective weapon.

This can be accomplished by hiding in places like bushes, or around corners, only to rush out and bring the blade down on an enemy's head.

Secondary fire: SlashEdit

The secondary function of the knife is unarguably the most ineffective out of all of the weapons. It involves the player swiping the knife in a sideways "slashing" motion.

This attack is very ineffective against most, if not all, enemies types; however, it can stun Utahraptors and MG soldiers alike. This should be used only if all other weapons are exhausted of their ammo, or if the player thinks they are not safe performing a normal knife kill, as it is quicker than the former.


"The Black Bear Indians believed that the knife possessed the power of a sly, yet ferocious, animal..."
—Roland Kane, on the knife.


The knife plays a major role in the plot of Turok, having been the means of Joseph Turok's training with Wolf Pack. It was during this training that Turok learned most of his combat techniques with the blade, while also obtaining his scar in a bout with Roland Kane.

Slade would bring this up during "Killing Fields", where he would challenge Turok to an impromptu knife duel, stating that killing with the knife was what Wolf Pack was all about. This fight would be broken up by Jericho.

During the events of "An Eye for an Eye," Turok would turn the blade on his former mentor, killing Kane during an intense duel.

Achievements and TrophiesEdit

Man or AnimalEdit

This is earned by killing 100 MG soldiers with the knife's primary ability. A generally easy level to obtain this on is "Bad Blood," where many MG Soldiers will be unaware of the player's presence in tall grass. In addition, "Reunions" starts on a stealth sequence, allowing for some easy knife kills.

Dino DominanceEdit

This is earned much like "Man or Animal." The player just needs to kill 50 creatures with the knife. An easy method to obtain this would be from the infinitely spawning monster closets in Mama Scarface's nest, where infinite amounts of Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rexes spawn and can be easily dispatched.


This achievement is earned by killing the player's rival in a multiplayer game, which involves being killed by them, and revenge killing them.

Primitive WeaponsEdit

This achievement involves playing a match of Turok, only using the combat knife or ORO C9 Perforator compound bow, and getting a total of 10 kills.


  • The P23 bears a striking resemblance to the KA-BAR 1221N2K USMC Next Generation Fighting Knife.[2]

List of appearancesEdit


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