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"Turok! Grab that RPG!"
—A member of Whiskey Company, ordering Joseph Turok to obtain the weapon

The ORO Red Fist RPG is a rocket-propelled grenade weapon available in Turok. It can hold only one rocket at a time, with a maximum of ten in reserve. It is first seen in the level "Killing Fields," where it is used to destroy the MG Spider Tank.


This weapon looks a lot like a modern RPG-7. It is greenish-gold with red decals, and it is also very large and bulky. When the secondary feature is activated, a screen will slide out which will then lock on to the target that it is currently aimed towards.


The RPG is arguably the most powerful weapon in the game. It fires a fast moving rocket that explodes on impact, causing massive damage to anybody or anything with five to ten feet of the blast radius.

This can easily destroy anything caught in the blast; however, it is highly accurate, meaning a simple movement change from an enemy can make the rocket miss cleanly.

The RPG, however, does have its more noticeable drawbacks. One of the most noticeable drawbacks is that when the player equips the RPG, their movement is heavily impaired. Another drawback is that this weapon has a low ammo count, so whenever the player expends this weapon's ammunition, they should drop it in favor of another weapon because they most likely will not find ammo for it any time soon.

Alternate Fire: Lock onEdit

The RPG also has a lock-on feature, which activates when the player presses the button prompt for the special ability of a weapon. When activated, a screen will slide out of the RPG, and it will lock on to anything that moves, be it a dinosaur, an MG Soldier, or even the fearsome MG Helicopters.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • ORO Red Fist RPG: Restores 10 Rockets.
  • Rockets Ammo: Restores 3 Rockets.


Loud LoveEdit

This is earned by killing three enemies with one rocket shot in the single-player campaign. It is relatively easy to earn in "Heroes End" when the player storms the Mendel-Gruman complex.


  • The RPG is the signature weapon of Logan.
  • The description of the weapon is ORO RedFist RPG PO 313422 M132A5 Univ. Patent 3.653.897

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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