"Hurry! We can get up to the s—aauuughghghhh'"
—Otis, just before his untimely demise

Otis,[1][2] also known as Otto,[3] is a human that was caught in the city during Oblivion's opening of the Netherscape breach.


During the chaos of Oblivion's appearance and the attempted containment response of the SWAT forces, Otis managed to escape into the city's sewers. He stayed there until Danielle and Joseph Fireseed stumbled upon him on their way to close the Breach.

After assuring the man that they wouldn't hurt him, the Fireseeds asked Otis if he could lead them out of the sewers. He told them to follow and made his way up a nearby ladder. Unfortunately, Otis was killed by a Stryder as he made his way through the manhole opening.

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