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The Raptor is the most successful and common species of dinosaur that has roamed the Lost Land and is first featured in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. They make return appearances in later Turok games as both enemies and playable multiplayer characters.


In Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Raptors are bipedal dinosaurs that have been modified with robotic implants turning them into Bionosaurs, giving them more intelligence and making them more vicious and deadly. They have yellow eyes with no sign of a pupil. They have at their disposal sharp fangs, large claws, and a pair of curved claws on their second toes. They also have a large metal horn that is located on top of their maxilla. These Raptors have two types of coloration, brown and gray.

The Raptors from Seeds of Evil to Shadow of Oblivion differ much from the previous game. These Raptors are not Bionosaurs, and thus they have no mechanical components, visible or otherwise. They are very lean and move much more quickly. Their coloration is no longer solid but is instead splotchy, a cream color with black, patterned stripes. Their eyes still have no pupils but are now a bright green. The Raptors continue to have access to their namesakes' natural weapons, teeth and claws, though their limbs have been lengthened by the Dinosoids' selective breeding.

In the film Turok: Son of Stone, a pair of Velociraptors are seen hunting a Megaloceros and eventually killing it.


Turok: Dinosaur HunterEdit

In Dinosaur Hunter, Raptors will amble towards the player in an attempt to bite or slash them. Occasionally, a Raptor will perform a jumping attack from a short distance away, using the claws on their hind legs to tear at the player. The Knife is not recommended for dispatching the Raptors, though it is not impossible to do so. The Shotgun and Auto Shotgun, or the Tek Bow with Tek arrows, are the weapons of choice.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the Raptors have become deadlier. With their speed enhancement, these foes have the ability to reach their targets in no time and can attack much more quickly, potentially causing novice players a few deaths. The player must be warned that Raptors are usually found in packs of two or more.

Turok 2: Seeds of EvilEdit

Raptors in Seeds of Evil are much more active in hunting the player down and will speedily traverse the distance between them and the player with extreme prejudice. Their attacks are more relentless than their Dinosaur Hunter brethrens', and strafing and quick shots are a necessity when confronting them. The Shotgun is still the best weapon, but care must be taken as it is much easier for the player to miss their target.

Turok: Rage WarsEdit

Main article: Velociraptor (Rage Wars)

For specific strategies and information on unlockables regarding the specific Raptor in Turok: Rage Wars, see the above article.

The Raptor in Rage Wars functions similarly to the Raptors in Seeds of Evil, but as this Raptor is either a player-controlled character or a bot mimicking a player-controlled character, its behavior and attack patterns are limited. They are still fast, however, and the player can still easily miss the Raptor.

Turok 3: Shadow of OblivionEdit

The Raptors in Shadow of Oblivion function identically to their Seeds of Evil incarnation. The same strategies apply.


Raptors were one of the many forms of life deposited into the Lost Land during its creation, and they have thrived ever since.

Some Raptors evolved into the more intelligent Raptoids. Others had their evolution forcefully suppressed and were bred and bio-enhanced by the Dinosoids for use as fierce and blood-thirsty pack hounds.

Still yet others found their place under the Campaigner's sway as mechanically-augmented Bionosaurs. There is no information on who is responsible for the modification of these dinosaurs, though the Campaigner himself is a likely bet.

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