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White (due to albinism)

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Red (due to albinism)

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Whiskey Company


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Reese was a supporting protagonist first seen in Turok. He acted as the team's long-range specialist and was one of the final members of Whiskey Company to die. He was voiced by Gideon Emery.



Reese's first appearance was in "Prelude," where he was standing around the area in the introductory cutscene. His first gameplay appearance was in the level "Reunions" where he saved Joseph Turok from being mauled by a Utahraptor. He then conversed with Slade before they moved forward towards a piece of wreckage from the Whiskey Co. ship. Shortly after that, he left along with Slade so Turok could silently kill every MG soldier in the area. He was seen again later on, sniping MG soldiers on a ridge. 

Before he left, he told Slade and Turok to "Try not to kill each other" to which Slade sarcastically responded with "We'll be just fine". He later assisted the duo in killing the Lurkers infesting the area near the crash site. After arriving at the crash site, Reese was not seen for a long amount of time until the level "Heroes End," where he was seen sniping and otherwise assisting the remains of the Whiskey Co. soldiers.

He later helped spot the building that housed a pilotable ship, but Shepard in turn spotted a large amount of MG APCs which forced the group to hide below a ridge. They were spotted due to Logan, however, and they decided to split up and fight the MG soldiers on multiple fronts. Reese was absent until later on in the game.


Reese was not seen again until "End of the Road." During this time he seemed to act as the scout of the group and moved forward towards a fallen tree to scout the large MG complex. The group followed behind him, and he spoke on how the base seemed empty from the front.

He ended up spotting movement, but was too late to react as he was suddenly shot in the eye by an arrow launched from the compound, most likely from John Grimes.


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  • Turok (First appearance)
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