Rocket Launcher
Production overview

Weapon Type:

Explosive Ordnance

Ammunition type:

  • Rocket Clusters
  • Bores
  • Nuke

Ammo Capacity:

  • 5 Rocket Clusters
  • 10 Bores
  • 1 Nuke


Medium-Long Range (Short Range for Swarm Bore)

Secondary Function:

  • Swarm Bore
  • Nuke
Service history



First Located:

Summit Battle


The Rocket Launcher is a weapon featured in Turok: Evolution. It is first found in Chapter 3, "Summit Battle," on a cliff side near the end of the level.


The Rocket Launcher is a beige-bronze and black weapon with three barrels that each hold a rocket. There is a black connector that holds the three barrels together, and it slides back when using the Rocket Launcher's attachments.

Upon obtaining the Swarm Bore, a bore reservoir is attached to the underside of the Rocket Launcher. The rockets in the Launcher will slide back and load in the Swarm Bores via a metal pipe on the weapon's left side when the secondary function is activated.

For the Nuke function, a small, blue, pulsing rod is stuck to the top of the Launcher's barrel. The Rocket Launcher's barrel will split into three sections which then retract into the weapon itself, letting the blue rod split up into multiple spinning arms, which resemble the Nuke weapon from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.


The Rocket Launcher is the most devastating weapon in Turok: Evolution. Anything in the Rocket's initial blast radius will be vaporized into carbonized flesh and bone.

The Rocket Launcher is a rare weapon, and ammo is usually found only when a situation demands it. The only thing that can survive a direct hit from a single rocket barrage are some variants of the Sleg Warships in Chapters 8-10 and Sleg Turrets in those same chapters.

If the player finds ammunition for this weapon, they had better be ready for something big as this weapon is meant to destroy big targets and large armies.


Swarm BoreEdit

The Swarm Bore is an upgrade for the Rocket Launcher. It fires five bores that drill into each joint of the body, such as the legs, arms, and head.

It evicts massive amounts of blood before detonation, causing a very gory explosion when the skull is destroyed. It is useful against every Sleg type other than the Purrlin, which is far too large for effective use.


The Nuke attachment is the most powerful weapon in Turok: Evolution. It can only be used in the final level of Chapter 8, "Arena." The Nuke is not able to be carried between levels, so the player will need to use it when they get it or it will vanish from their inventory.

The weapon's blast radius expands throughout the entire arena the player is fighting in, and it is lethal to enemies and allies alike. There is only one Nuke in the single-player campaign, but there are a few Nukes in certain multiplayer maps.

The Nukes in multiplayer can be found in the maps "Tears of Horatio," "Withering Heights," and "Dino Depot." The Nukes only spawn with the unlimited ammo option disabled but will still spawn with the unlimited ammo cheat enabled.

The unlimited ammo cheat does not affect the Nuke in single player or multiplayer.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Weapon (Rocket Launcher): Restocks five rocket clusters.
  • Swarm Bore Upgrade: Restocks two swarm bore clusters. Once upgraded, the player cannot pick up this attachment again.
  • Nuke Upgrade: Restocks one Nuke. Can only be used in Chapter 8 - "Arena."
  • Rocket Clusters: Restocks three rocket clusters.
  • Swarm Cluster: Restocks five swarm bore clusters.
  • Nuke: Restocks one Nuke.


  • This weapon is one of the few weapons in Evolution that has an actual reloading animation. The others are the Shotgun and both the Bow and Tek Bow.
  • The Swarm Bore is a reference to Seeds of Evil's Cerebral Bore. They have very similar functions, though the Cerebral Bore uses only one bore compared to the Swarm Bore's five.
  • In multiplayer, the Rocket Launcher only fires one rocket instead of one rocket surrounded by three smaller ones.

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