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The Scorpion Launcher, also called the Scorpion Missile Launcher, is a weapon first seen in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and again in Turok: Rage Wars. It is a futuristic missile launcher that fires three small homing missiles.


The Scorpion Launcher of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a high-tech homing missile launcher. It has three barrels that fire one missile at a time and reload all at once. It also sports a grey and green-striped color scheme. For multiplayer on the Nintendo 64, the weapon was redesigned and only capable of firing a single rocket at a time.

The Scorpion Launcher's appearance in Turok: Rage Wars greatly differs from its predecessor, as it is noticeably larger and sports a different color scheme. This version of the weapon fires only a single missile, similar to the scorpion launcher in the console multiplayer of Seeds of Evil.


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

The Scorpion Missile Launcher is a powerful weapon. Like the Cerebral Bore, it has a lock-on targeting system. This weapon is best used at medium to long range for maximum killing capabilities. Unlike the Cerebral Bore, the Scorpion can be fired without locking onto anything. If the weapon is fired without a target locked on, the missiles will fly in a straight path. Although it fires three missiles, it will only subtract one missile from your ammo stock.

It can be compared to the Quad Rocket Launcher from Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, as the Scorpion Launcher is essentially a modified version of that weapon. Both weapons have similarities in appearance and gameplay.

Turok: Rage Wars

This version of the Scorpion Launcher has been greatly downgraded from its last appearance and can only fire one missile at a time.

The homing feature has been removed in favor of two new (but similar) features. By pressing B, the Scorpion will paint a cross on almost any surface. Any missiles fired by the owner will then be diverted to this cross.

The second feature is activated by pressing and holding B and Z at the same time. This time, the cross painted by the Scorpion will repel any incoming missiles heading towards it, deviating them from their intended path.

Ammo Pickups

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

  • Weapon: Restores three missile volleys.
  • Missile Volley: Restores four missile volleys.
  • Multiplayer: Restores 10 missiles.

Turok: Rage Wars

  • EXP Rounds: Restores five EXP rounds.


  • Early screenshots of Turok: Rage Wars reveal that the Scorpion Launcher's color scheme would resemble its Seeds of Evil incarnation.
  • The Scorpion Launcher can be found in "The Death Marshes," although it is out of reach. The player must have the Eye of Truth Talisman to obtain this weapon.
  • In Turok: Rage Wars, it is simply called Scorpion.
  • A Scorpion Launcher is included with the Joshua Fireseed action figure.

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