Shepard is a member of Whiskey Company first seen in Turok and is one of the few who survived the crashing of their ship.

He is the only surviving member of the team with knowledge of piloting, as he is Whiskey Company's technician. Shepard is voiced by Donnie Wahlberg, and he is a very talkative soldier compared to the low-key, quiet Turok.



Shepard points out his knowledge of flight during the battle with Soldier Bugs with the rest of Whiskey Company. He, Joseph Turok, Slade, Reese, and Cowboy are among the last five survivors after Logan's fight and subsequent death to the MG Patrol and Jericho's death.

Shepard is also one of the last and only known three who made it off of the planet alive, alongside Joseph Turok and Roland Slade in the end of the game.

Shepard is also a key player in the end of the Co-Op mission "Shadowed Paths", where he assists and evacuates the players from the Mother Superior site.

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