"Logan's gonna bitch like an old woman if we don't hurry up."

Slade is one of the main protagonists of Turok. He is voiced by Ron Perlman, and is one of the last and only three surviving members of Whiskey Company at the conclusion of the game.



Slade is one of Joseph Turok's teammates from Whiskey Company, which was shot down onto a nearby planet. He is first seen in the "Prelude" level, but he becomes Turok's teammate in "The Lost Land." During this level and "Bad Blood" it is shown that Slade is very hostile towards Joseph due to his brother being killed in the battle that Turok had fled from.

He shows little emotion to Turok early on and starts a rivalry with Turok. This is intensified in "Reunions" when Joseph states that he could take the Mendel-Gruman soldiers out quietly. Slade responds with "Looking forward to stabbing people in the back? Just like Kane taught you". During "Ghost in the Shadow" Slade is angered when he learns that Cowboy was shot by an arrow. He proceeds to blame Turok, and utters a racist comment to him which starts an argument shortly before they are interrupted by Parker.

He is seen again at the end of "Mother Superior" when Turok returns with the communications unit. Slade demands to know where Gonzales and Foster are to which Turok tells him that they did not make it. Slade pushes Turok and accuses him of turning his back on his brother and then his best friend and pulls out his knife. Cowboy tries to stop the argument, but Slade tells Turok to pull out his knife since "It's what Wolf Pack was all about". Turok starts to pull his knife out before Jericho pulls Slade away while he screams "I'm not afraid of you" over and over. After a short fight between Whiskey Company and the MG, he gathers the group around to announce his place as leader but is met with some resistance from Cowboy.

Slade quickly crushes his comments by saying no one out ranks him shortly before Logan walks in saying that he does, much to Slade's utter disappointment. Slade is then dispatched with Turok and Carter on a mission to find the source of the noise and light emissions in the distance.

Upon reaching the designated area, he finds a recording by Roland Kane showing the Soldier Bugs and their deadly neurotoxin. He reacts with a grim quip before being disturbed by Carter, who says that he has found a pilotable ship. They then fall under siege by Soldier Bugs which results in Carter's death. Turok and Slade make it outside and both try to rush to the helicopter before being sucked underground by a sinkhole.

He is absent for a large portion of "Down and Out," but Turok happens upon his position when he finds a large cave chamber. He finds Slade but is quickly told to be quiet as the Water Beast makes its appearance. Upon the Beast's death, Turok hands Slade his flamethrower, saying "Better go find the coward who dropped this". Slade begrudgingly tells Turok to never speak of the incident to anyone. After this, Slade gains a new found respect for Turok. This ends their rivalry and Slade finally gains Turok's trust. 

Later on in "Heroes End" Slade saves Turok from Logan when Logan accuses Turok of leading the MG soldiers to them and points a gun at his head. Slade takes the gun and says, "Are you having some kind of mental lapse, Logan?" He is then present with Turok upon entering the MG facility and he helps Turok with the placement of C-4 charges in certain structural areas.

When Turok returns, Slade and the remains of Whiskey Company are taken prisoner by Kane and the MG corporation. He witnesses Cowboy's death before the charges that were placed blow up, resulting in the death of John Grimes and the wounding of Kane.

Slade made it out of the facility with Shepard and Turok, and they all find a ship that can easily take them safely off of the extremely dangerous planet. Turok hesitates when he is told to get on board, and he says that he needs to stop Kane, exclaiming that "I have to stop him, I can't let him get away." Slade nods and tells Turok to "Go get him," shortly before Turok runs off.

He is last seen during the game's final cutscene which shows him returning to find Turok where he exclaims, "What? You really thought we'd leave you?" On the ship, Slade and Turok exchange glances before Shepard tells them to make themselves comfortable since it would be a long way back to Earth. He is presumed to have returned to Earth at some point alongside Joseph Turok and Shepard.

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  • Coincidentally, Ron Perlman, Slade's voice actor, also played the role of Slade (AKA, Deathstroke) in the hit Cartoon Network show Teen Titans.

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  • Turok (First appearance)
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