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The Lost Land


Large, hulking humanoid figures. Armed and armored.

Other nomenclature:

Lizard men


The Sleg are a reptilian race of Dinosoid warriors that live in the Lost Land. They serve as the main antagonistic force during the events of Turok: Evolution, and are led by Lord Tyrannus.


The Slegs are a species of reptilian creatures roughly the size and shape of a man but with some extra features. All Slegs have scaly skin and retain a short, seemingly useless tail. There appear to be three species or types of Slegs: a smaller, thinner version that serve as scouts and snipers; larger, more muscular versions that act as soldiers; and huge Sleg that operate large weapons such as miniguns and rocket launchers.


The Slegs are lead by one singular Sleg, Lord Tyrannus, whom appears to be of the larger type, but is more dinosaur-like in appearance. Tyrannus' goal is to enslave or destroy all life in the Lost Land that refuses to bow to his rule. During Turok: Evolution his plan is carried out, and the Slegs destroy most of the human forces, including a suspended city, under the direction of Captain Tobias Bruckner, whom Lord Tyrannus employs as his general. This causes some turmoil within the Sleg army but never elevates to anything more than grumbles.

After the Suspended City is destroyed, Lord Tyrannus sends the Slegs on a final charge toward Galyanna, the capital city of the Lost Land. However, his plans are foiled by Tal'Set.



Main article: Sleg Scout


  • Scales: Yellow
  • Armour: Green
  • Health: 100
  • Armament: Semi-automatic rifle (Damage: 3)
  • The weakest form of the Sleg and second lowest-ranking before the Workers. Guerrillas and rangers, they stalk the forests and mountains in small parties, reporting back to the fighting forces and flushing out rebels in the wilderness.


  • Scales: Yellow
  • Armour: Red
  • Health: 100
  • Armament: Semi-automatic rifle, grenades (Damage: 25)
  • Higher-ranking scouts, they are distinguished by their bright, blood-red armor. They lead groups of Scouts, as well as serving as grenadier units.
48 640

Concept art of a Sleg Soldier.


Main article: Sleg Soldier


  • Scales: Green
  • Armour: Dark grey
  • Health: 100
  • Armament: Semi-automatic rifle
  • The most common infantry of the Sleg force, they are more powerful and larger than humans, but less agile and lithe.


  • Scales: Green
  • Armour: Orange and Green
  • Health: 100
  • Armament: Shotgun (Damage: Up to 12)
  • The more intelligent leaders of the infantry forces, leading the charge with shotguns blazing. They are more skilled and intelligent than Soldier Minors.


Main article: Sleg Rapier

A larger form of Sleg. Orange and black in coloration, these Slegs wield both Tek Weapons and Miniguns. They can also act as paratroopers.

Tek WeaponEdit

  • Scales: Tan
  • Armour: Brown
  • Health: 150
  • Armament: Tek Weapon (Damage: 3)
  • Nimble and lithe, they are the special forces of the Sleg military, deployed on stealth ops and as paratroopers during large-scale assaults. They look far different than other Slegs, having dark coloration with a yellow belly and being a bit taller and thinner.


  • Scales: Black
  • Armour: Gray
  • Health: 150
  • Armament: Minigun
  • Same as the Tek Weapon Rapiers, although slightly stronger with a different appearance and weapon.


Main article: Sleg Sniper


  • Scales: Red
  • Armour: Grey
  • Health: 60
  • Armament: Sniper rifle (Damage: 8)
  • The name says it all: they are snipers. They use long-range rifles and have spotting scopes over their eyes.


  • Scales: Red
  • Armour: Silver
  • Health: 80
  • Armament: Sniper Rifle
  • A more dangerous, specialized form of sniper.
36 640

A guard without armor.


Main article: Sleg Guard


  • Scales: Grey
  • Armour: Red
  • Health: 350
  • Armament: Shotgun
  • These large and powerful Slegs guard the Sleg's bases of operations.


  • Scales: Grey
  • Armour: Blue
  • Health: 350
  • Armament: Minigun
  • Higher-ranking Sleg Guards, wreathed in grey-blue and carrying deadly miniguns.

Rocket LauncherEdit

  • Scales: Grey
  • Armour: Orange
  • Health: 400
  • Armament: Rocket Launcher
  • A very strong Sleg that appears in large battles.

Raptor HandlersEdit

Main article: Sleg Raptor Handler
  • Scales: Orange
  • Armour: None
  • Health: 40
  • Armament: Semi-Automatic Rifle
  • Sleg units that maintain and keep watch over captive animals. Their faces resemble a cobra's.


Main article: Sleg Worker
  • Scales: White
  • Armour: Grey
  • Health: 60
  • Armament: Wrench (Damage: 10)
  • The drones of the Slegs, they can be seen manning the watchtowers in Chapter 4 and repairing machinery in Chapter 9.


Main article: Sleg Sergeant


Main article: Sleg Monk


Main article: Sleg Captain
  • Scales: Dark brown, with white spikes.
  • Armour:
  • Health: 200
  • Armament: Energy rifle, Miniguns
  • Commanders of the Sleg armies.

Lord TyrannusEdit

Main article: Lord Tyrannus
  • Scales: Green
  • Armour: Unknown
  • HP: Unknown
  • Armament: Unknown
  • Leader of the Sleg Army.

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