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Lord Tyrannus



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Carries a melee weapon of unknown origin, while donning an intimidating robe.

"The Monks are members of Tyrannus' personal assassination squad. The Monk class is especially lethal because of their speed and movement techniques. These abilities, combined with their destructive Melee attack means big trouble for Tal'Set."
Turok: Evolution: Prima's Official Strategy Guide[1]

Sleg Monks are variants of Sleg encountered in Turok: Evolution.


Monks are tall Sleg enemies. They wear a seemingly tribal like robe that has a special covering over their faces. Only their piercing yellow eyes are seen. They wear no shoes. They carry numerous types of Melee weaponry, and some can cast spells.

The Monks are also very skilled at teleportation, and they utilize this in their attacks, oftentimes appearing behind the player. Also, Monks cannot teleport into water, so the player can use this to their advantage.


Monks will often appear in ambush and surprise the player. They usually do this after or during a triggered event such as opening a bone gate. The Monks use their melee weapons to slice Tal'Set to very damaging effect. The spell casters will teleport to a distance and cast very painful spells. The Shotgun is very effective against them as they come very close to the player.

They appear in the depths of the Sleg Fortress and in the Shadowed Lands.

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