Sleg Raptor Handler
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The Lost Land




Slender and Muscular


Light brown

Eye color:

Black (Snake eyes)

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Notable info:

Resembles a cobra. Commands Sleg Scouts.


The Sleg Raptor Handlers are a Sleg variant encountered in Turok: Evolution. Unlike most other Sleg troops, the Raptor Handlers are only encountered twice throughout the game.


Raptor Handlers' heads bear a strong resemblance to a cobra's; they have cobra-like frills that run down their necks. They are a tanned orange-brown in coloration and are slightly taller than the ever-common Sleg Scouts.

They also have more health, so are slightly harder to kill (although they are still relatively weak). Raptor Handlers wield the same type of rifle as the Scouts. 


Raptor Handlers are one of the rarest types of Sleg. They first appear during "Entering the Base" in Chapter 4.

When Tal'Set enters a Utahraptor pen where Utahraptors have been caged up by the Slegs, the player can encounter them in two ways: they can either go straight into the back room where a group of Raptor Handlers are hiding, or they can press a button to release the raptors and watch them attack the Handlers. Either way, the Raptor Handlers will respond by shooting the player and, if released, the Utahraptors. Tal'Set must kill all of the Handlers and hostile Utahraptors in order to get out of the pen alive.

The next (and last) time a Raptor Handler appears is at the beginning of "Sweep the Halls," the second level of Chapter 5. A sole Raptor Handler is seen standing on a balcony, looking down upon a group of six Sleg Scouts. He appears to be scolding them, furiously stating that they have "disgraced this army for the last time!" Tal'Set then bursts in and takes out the Scouts before dealing with the Raptor Handler, who remains atop his balcony.

Although no other Raptor Handlers appear in the single-player campaign, a playable multiplayer character, Lizzar, is a Sleg Raptor Handler.

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