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Uses a rifle and can come in two variants: A bronze armored variant with the normal armaments, and a red armored variant with the ability to throw grenades.

"You don't even need any weapons. His skin rips like fabric and his bones break like twigs. He screams so nicely, too..."
—A Sleg Scout, during "Hunter's Peril"

The Sleg Scout is one of the main enemy units encountered in Turok: Evolution


These Sleg units are the standard type. They have the most rudimentary armor which covers most of their bodies, minus their heads and hands. Their bodies are slender and somewhat frail compared to other Sleg troops and even Tal'Set himself.

They are the smallest of the Sleg. They hold a type of rifle which is unobtainable by the player. It should be noted that this weapon is frequently held by NPCs all throughout the game, and it features a long barrel alongside a muzzle break.


The Sleg Scout is the most commonly encountered enemy in the game. It is first encountered in "Into the Jungle," where it is seen multiple times trying to kill Tal'Set in order to stop him.

They are very weak and will die after only a few blows or bullet impacts. The War Club will easily chew through these Slegs and will decapitate them with ease. They are also very vulnerable to the Pistol and Shotgun.

Sleg Scout (Rifle)Edit

The Rifle Scout is the primary variant of the Sleg Scout. They wear bronze armor and have the same body frame as the other variant. These Scouts only use the rifle and melee attacks and lack the grenade that the Grenadiers do.

Sleg Scout (Grenadier)Edit

These Slegs are the second variant to the Scout. They have blood-red armor, and they are exactly like the default Scouts in bodily appearance and attacks. However, they have one key factor that separates them from the original: their ability to utilize grenades in combat.

This is an effective attack and can critically damage the player if it makes a direct impact, or even moderate damage if the player is caught by its splash damage. The attack, however, leaves them standing in place for a good two or three seconds, so the player can easily shoot or slash them with their Pistol or War Club respectively.

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