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Silver and Black

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Carries a modified rifle with a damage boost.


The Sleg Sniper is a variant of Sleg in Turok: Evolution. They are mainly encountered alone and in higher places, like cliffs, mountains, and rooftops.


These Slegs bear an uncanny resemblance to Sleg Scouts. They are small, slender, and frail. However, they hold a few key differences. They have maroon colored skin, their outfit and attire is different, and they also have optical goggles on their heads.

Lastly, they wield modified rifles, much like Scouts and some Sleg Soldiers, but the damage output is amplified to match the "Sniper" designation. Sleg Snipers come in two variants:

Sniper (Basic) Edit

This is the default Sniper variant. They have light body armor and the most rudimentary optics for sniping use. They are common early on but become less common in favor of the secondary variant, the Advanced Sniper.

Sniper (Advanced)Edit

These Snipers are similar gameplay-wise to the Basic Snipers. However, they have a few visual distinctions. They have an extended optical sensor over their eye, and their attire also sports a few more feathers behind their heads. They also possess a new color scheme, a dark black and red, compared to the default's red and brown.


These Sleg units are somewhat rare in comparison to normal Sleg Scout and Soldier units. They are initially encountered in "Mountain Ascent," where they appear shortly after Tal'Set enters through the doorway to the mountain range.

They have pinpoint accuracy, and they are also hard targets to hit, usually being situated far from the thralls of combat as a sniper should be. They are, however, weak and can easily be killed by multiple means. The Pistol, Shotgun, and the War Club can easily destroy these Slegs with minimal effort.

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