Soldier Bug


Terraformed planet




Scorpion-like bodies


Soldier Bugs are large scorpion-like creatures that appear in Turok. They are known to dig holes into the planet's surface to kill prey. In "Death Valley" their shrieks can be heard but they are unseen.

They are first seen in "The Shortest Straw," digging through the ground and killing Carter. They resemble giant scorpions but have six legs instead of eight and lack pincers, instead preferring to attack with their stinger and mandibles.


These enemies appear as larger variants of modern-day scorpions. They have six legs, a tail with a stinger, and even a maw full of "teeth." They are blueish-yellow with some bits of green in coloration, and they emit high-pitched squealing sounds akin to a Xenomorph from the "Alien" film series. They also make a sickly tapping noise while moving around. Upon death, they usually flip onto their backs and curl into a ball, similar to a dying spider.


These insects are adapted to close-quarters combat. They will always attempt to rush the player in an attempt to kill them. This, however, can easily be their downfall. They are easily dispatched by ORO Enforcer Shotgun rounds or the ORO L66 Pulse Rifle.

They are scared of light sources and will back away if they have a flare shot at them. They are also very vulnerable to the ESUS Hellfire Flamethrower. These creatures can be killed via the knife, but only after being stunned and knocked down.

They will sometimes "play wounded" and flip over to lure the player over to them before hitting the player and righting themselves to swiftly attack again. This can be very dangerous and may result in a death due to the surprise nature of the attack. However, they can also use their massive tail as a weapon. Their tail-attack will send the player flying and will disorient them.



The bugs were the original inhabitants of the planet until the Mendel-Gruman Corporation began terraforming it and dinosaurs began to appear without explanation. This stirred up the bugs from underground.

Sometime after, MG scientists somehow found a way to produce an airborne variant of the Soldier Bugs' toxin. The results of these experiments usually resulted in the death of the Soldier Bug, as can be seen in the labs of the later levels. The toxin, when turned into a gas, was lethal to any biological entity unlucky enough to be caught in its grasp.

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  • Turok (First appearance)
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