"A hired gun orphaned by marauders as a girl, Syra gives no quarter and expects none in return. A whirlwind of lead and steel, she has accepted a bounty on the head of Joshua Fireseed."
Turok: Rage Wars website[1]

Syra began her life as the child of an arms maker. Her father crafted the finest weapons the Lost Land had ever seen. Having forged weapons for the famed Army of Araissi, her father's skills were unmatched in his day. Syra felt a great kinship with her father, and the fine blades and rifles he created felt natural in her hands. Practicing in the predawn darkness with every manner of weapon she could obtain, Syra quietly honed her skills and perfected the art of killing. 

On a cold winter's morning, Syra was awakened by the sound of raised voices. As she peered through the window of her room, Syra saw a band of armor-clad men beating her father and demanding entry to his armory. When her father spat in the face of the man in charge of the mercenaries, he was cut down. In a blind fury, Syra burst through the window.  A girl of only fourteen, she waded into the band like a deadly whirlwind of lead and steel. Three of the men fell before their comrades knew what had happened. The rest fled for their lives. 

Syra buried her father and burned the house that she was raised in. Armed with her father’s weapons, Syra set out to hunt for his murderers. As time passed, and the last of the killers fell from a bullet fired too far away to hear, Syra's heart grew even more cold. The grief that she had felt for her father festered and turned to raw hatred. Syra's tragic childhood loss had birthed in her the seed of a cold-hearted and lonely woman. Syra travels the Lost Land as a hired gun. The song of her long rifle, her only companion; the money she earns, her only solace. She has accepted a bounty on Joshua Fireseed and has entered the Rage Wars to collect her trophy.[2]


Syra is a female bounty hunter whose face is covered by a metal mask. Her body is slender and fit, thanks to years of living in the wilderness of the Lost Land.

The German version of Turok: Rage Wars replaces Syra with a red robot with small mechanical appendages.


While facing Syra:

  • The player should not kill the War Club bodyguard. Instead, drain his health, mortally wounding it but not outright killing it, as if the player fails to kill Syra within 60 seconds of killing the War Club, it will respawn.
  • Try to attack Syra from afar. Up close, the player will not stand a chance.
  • The player should use Explosive Rounds wisely as the only available spawn point for them is a small dead end where they can end up fragged.
  • The best weapons for the player to use against Syra are the Flare Gun, Inflator, Scorpion Launcher, Napalm Gel, Tek Crossbow, Boomerang, Plasma Rifle, and Assault Rifle.
  • If the player can manage to pick up a Power Core, they should make use of its effects as best as they can.

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  • This character does not have any additional skins.

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